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FFVI Android Main Menu

The menu (iOS/Android).

The following entails the contents of the main menu in all versions of Final Fantasy VI.


FFVI GBA Items Menu 1

The Item menu (GBA).

This menu allows the player to view and use items, equipment and relics they have obtained throughout the course of the game. The player can also view the Rare Items they have obtained.


FFVI GBA Abilities Menu 1

The main Abilities menu (GBA).

This menu allows the player to view any abilities that a party member possesses. This includes the option of using/viewing magic spells and equipping espers.

When the player wants to equip an esper, select the Esper option and then press A twice on the esper the player wishes to equip. To unequip an esper, simply select a blank space and press A twice to unequip it.

When viewing the Magic menu, spells the character has learned that can be used outside of battle will be highlighted in white text. Magic spells the player cannot use outside of battle will appear to be grayed out. Spells that are being learned will have a percentage counter next to them, denoting how much progress it has. A feature in the Super Nintendo and PlayStation version. In the magic list, if the player press the Y button it will toggle the MP cost of the spells to appear besides the spells. Spells that are being learned will toggle out since those spells cannot be cast yet.



The Equip menu (iOS/Android).

This menu allows the player to view and/or change the equipment that a party member currently has equipped. Inside the menu, selecting Equip allows the player to change their equipment manually; selecting Optimize allows the game to select the equipment; selecting Remove allows the player remove a single piece of equipment, while Remove All simply removes all equipment.


FFVI GBA Relic Menu

The Relic menu (GBA).

This menu allows the player to view and/or change the Relics that a party member currently has equipped.



The Status menu (iOS/Android).

This menu allows the player view a party member's status. It will show the character's Current EXP, EXP required for the next level, all their stats as well as the battle commands available for that character. Pressing A will switch the view to the character's equipment, including any Relics and the esper they have equipped.


FFVI GBA Formation

Formation option (GBA).

This option allows the player to change the lineup of their party. It will allow them to either change the position of the characters and allow them to change their row formation by simply press the A button twice. It's also important to note that the player can also configure their formation by pressing the left directional button from anywhere on the main menu.


FFVI Config Menu GBA

The Config menu (GBA).

This menu allows the player to change the configuration of the game.

Inside this menu, the following can be configured:

  • Battle Mode: Set it to Active or Wait, this will determine whether or not the battle will progress if they are inside a menu.
  • Battle Speed: Lower numbers will result in faster speeds during battle. The battle speed only affects the speed of the enemy's turns, while the players remain the same.
  • Battle Messages: Lower numbers will result in battle messages being displayed for less time.
  • Command Settings: Default is standard, shortcut will create a different style menu.
  • ATB Gauge: Toggles Active Time Battle gauge display.
  • Reequip: Determines how the characters will be reequipped after they change their relics.
  • Cursor Position: Determines the behavior of the menu cursor when entering or exiting menus.
  • Auto-Dash: A new feature to Final Fantasy VI, it will allow the character to dash automatically or manually by holding down the B button; this feature is always available, whether or not the player has the Sprint Shoes relic equipped.
  • Magic Order: Determines the order that magic spells will appear on in the Magic menu.
  • Window Pattern: This allows the player to change the window pattern.
  • Font Color: Changes the font color.
  • Window Colors: Changes all the colors available in a window.
  • Bestiary: Opens the Bestiary; new entries will have three stars by them.


FFVI Quicksave GBA

Quicksave (GBA).

Quicksaving will save the game and then quit. Once the player reloads the quicksave, it will be deleted. A Quicksave is not the same as an actual save.


FFVI GBA Save Menu

The Save menu (GBA).

This option can only be used on the overworld or when standing on Save points. It allows the player to create a hard save of the game. The player will return to the last place they saved if they are defeated in battle.


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