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The main menu.

The following entails the contents of the main menu in Final Fantasy IX.

The clock in the main menu changes color every 100 hours of gameplay, but continues counting up to 599:59:59.

Item[edit | edit source]

The Item menu.

The Item menu allows the player to view and use any acquired items they may have in their possession, change the order of which the items are listed, and view the party's acquired key items. Normally, the upper limit of a single item a player can hold is 99, but by equipping the item onto party members, the player can hold more.

Ability[edit | edit source]

The main ability menu.

The Ability menu allows the player to view and equip various abilities to party members. The Use section allows the player to see what abilities are currently learned and are in the process of being learned, their MP costs, and in some cases allows them to use the ability such as Cure or Esuna. In the Equip menu, the player may equip various support abilities utilizing Magic Stones. The player may also view what piece of equipment the ability is from if it is not currently mastered.

Equip[edit | edit source]

The Equip menu.

The Equip menu allows the player to change and view acquired pieces of equipment to active party members, as well as see each character's current stats with their currently equipped items. When hovering over a piece of equipment, the player may also see what abilities can be learned from them, as well as how much AP is required, and by pressing the Select button, can view other information such as elemental resists.

Status[edit | edit source]

The main status menu.

The Status menu allows the player to view their character's current stats, what abilities they have mastered or currently are learning, and their current equipped items.

Order[edit | edit source]

The Order option lets the player determine the order of their party and which characters are in the front and back row.

Card[edit | edit source]

The Card menu.

The Card menu allows the player to view all currently acquired cards for Tetra Master.

Config[edit | edit source]

The Config menu.

The Config menu allows the player to customize various aspects of the game.

  • Sound: Toggles between Stereo and Mono.
  • Controller: Toggles between Normal and Custom. Normal is the default control scheme, while Custom allows the player to reassign buttons to other buttons.
  • Cursor: Toggles between Initial and Memory. Initial will reset the cursor to the top of all menus, while Memory will remember where the cursor is in menus for each character.
  • ATB: Toggles between Active and Wait. Active will have time flow at all time, while Wait will have time stop while menus are open and animations are playing.
  • Battle Camera: Toggles between Auto and Fixed. Auto will have the camera move throughout the battle dynamically, while Fixed will keep the camera in one position at all times.
  • Battle Control: Toggles between Normal and Custom. Custom allows the player to assign different characters and slots to either Controller 1 or Controller 2, allowing a second player to play the game.
  • Movement: Toggles between Walk and Run. Walk will force the player to move slowly on the overworld and need to hold the X button to run, while Run will force the player to move faster while needing to hold X to walk.
  • Battle Speed: Toggles the speed at which battles move.
  • Field Message: Toggles the amount of time at which text stays on-screen.

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