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The following entails information on all options in the main menus in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-.

The main menu can be displayed by pressing the Playstation-Button-T.png button while on the battlefield. From here, Vincent can access other menus to preform necessary functions, including weapon customization and status confirmation. When the menu is opened in Normal mode, the game is paused. In Hard and Ex Hard modes, the game continues. leaving Vincent susceptible to enemy attack.


The map displays the area around Vincent's current location. The directional buttons can be used to scroll the map. Sometimes, important locations will be displayed on the map, so it may be useful to refer to it during missions. The map can also be displayed by pressing the up directional button. The left analog stick can be used to control Vincent while the map is displayed. However, while in this mode, Vincent cannot fire his weapon, use magic, jump, crouch or access the menu.


Items are divided into types listed below and can be distinguished from one another by their specific icons. Certain items have restrictions on how many can be carried simultaneously.

  • Frame: Equipped in the frame slot; a gun's basic body.
  • Barrel: Equipped in the barrel slot; a gun's specialized barrel.
  • Scope: Equipped in the scope slot; assists with sniping, as well as other functions.
  • Option: Equipped in the option slot; increases a weapon's capabilities.
  • Accessory: Equipped in the accessory slot; include, but are not limited to, Materia.
  • Ammunition: Ammunition is deleted when firing a weapon. There are three different types of ammunition, corresponding to the gun's frame.
  • Consumable Items: There items can only be used once, such as Potions and Ether.
  • Key Items: These items, such as Cardkeys, are necessary to advance in the story.


Weapon Customize Menu.

Weapons have five slots, in which different parts with a variety of abilities can be equipped. Selecting a slot displays the parts in Vincent's inventory that may be equipped. Three different customizations may be stored at once in the Customize menu. Note that each of the three customizations must have a frame and barrel equipped at all times.

  • Frame Slot: Controls a weapon's most basic functions. The frame determines the type of ammunition used. The three frames available are handgun, machine gun, and rifle.
  • Determines a weapon's range and accuracy.
  • Scope Slot: assists with sniping, as well as other functions.
  • Option Slot: Increases the performance of various functions.
  • Accessories: Adds a variety of abilities to weapons.

Parameters used to describe weapon performance are listed below.

  • WT: Weight.
  • POW: Attack power.
  • SPD: Firing speed.
  • RNG: Range.
  • S: Short-range accuracy.
  • M: Medium-range accuracy.
  • L: Long-range accuracy.

A weapon's overall ability is also displayed on a chart. There are four levels (C, B, A, and S), with C representing the weakest and S the strongest.


This menu displays information about Vincent.

  • Level: Vincent's level.
  • To Next Level: Experience required to level up.
  • Total: Total experience points accumulated.
  • STR: Vincent's attack power.
  • DEF: Vincent's defense rating.
  • DEX: Vincent's dexterity (Influences accuracy).
  • INT: Vincent's intelligence (Influences magic attacks)
  • Play Time: Total play time.
  • Gil: Current gil total.


This menu allows for customization of the game and the controller settings. Use the Playstation-Button-L2.png and Playstation-Button-R2.png buttons to scroll through the pages.

  • Control Settings: Change options such as vibration, targeting controls, and camera settings.
  • Controller Setup: Assign commands to controller buttons.
  • Mouse Setup: Assign commands to the mouse.
  • Keyboard Setup: Assign commands to the keyboard.

Other Settings: Change settings such as sound output, subtitle display, and screen brightness.


Restores Vincent to the most recent checkpoint in the current stage. The player cannot restart from tempsave points.


Save the current game and return to the title screen. Only one tempsave file may exist at any one time. Loading the tempsave file or a normal save file will delete the current tempsave.


Return to the title screen without saving.