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The following entails the contents of the main menu in Final Fantasy All the Bravest.

Map Edit

This allows the player to travel to each area they've discovered without having to travel to the zone in-between. Returning to the title screen is an option found here. Note this is the only way to leave the Interdimensional Rift area.

During combat this option will allow you to retreat back onto the overworld with no penalty.

Shop Edit

This allows the player to purchase the premium content. There are 3 premium zones, and 35 premium characters. Purchasing premium characters will be give a random character. The player cannot select a specific one, but it will never give them the same one twice.

Catalog Edit

This section gives the player information on all the characters in their group, gear they've collected, and enemies they've fought. This is useful for keeping track of achievement progress.

Ranking Edit

Ranking displays the player's position on the game leaderboards, and also allows them direct access to their game center achievements.

SNS Edit

This option will post an advertisement for the game on the player's Twitter. The player is awarded every 24 hours with an unlocked party slot, up to eight slots.

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