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The following entails the contents of the main menu in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

There are 5 main menu buttons that is almost always available found at the bottom of the screen: Airship, Quest, Brigade, Event, and Menu.

Airship Edit

The Airship menu is essentially the main menu of the game. It leads almost everywhere in the game. At the very top is a picture featuring the player's character, a Gate Crystal display symbol, and the current attack and defense. It will always display their character as whatever class they're on. If they changed their background or airship, they will be shown there.

Next are two large, and slightly-redundant buttons for Quest and Brigade. They take the player to the exact same places as the Quest and Brigade buttons on found on the bottom of the screen.

Displayed under Quest is the player's LP, current out of max, and when it would fully recover. Similarly, under Brigade is the player's BP, current out of three, and when it would fully recover.

The Shop button leads to the real-money shop. During events, this button is replaced by the "Exclusive Shop" button, which leads to the exclusive shop, which sells the exact same things as the regular shop at the exact same prices, except the organization is different.

Underneath that the player have these four very important buttons: Party, Equip, Enhance, and Evolve. The latter three are fairly self-explanatory, and apply to abilities, weapons, and summons.

Undiscussed until now, parties are an optional but useful system in the game. Players can form parties of up to ten, and parties will always be grouped into the same brigade. Obviously, if the player party up during the middle of the week, they will need to wait until the end of the week when brigades re-form to join up with the player's new party members. The other bonus of parties is Potions. The number of Potions and Hi-Potions they get per day, and the number of them they can eat per day, depends entirely on party size. The more party members, the better.

The Party menu itself lets the player see who the members are, see wall posts, and leave party. If they look at someone else's party page, they can also choose to join it instead. Leaders have a few more options, such as editing the party comment displayed to the public, searching for members, changing the leader, changing recruiting status, organizing members, and generally customizing the party page.

Back in the airship, they can also access the Mog Box, Chocobo Reports, and Messages.

The Mog Box is where almost all of the player's earned rewards go - treasures, gil, CP, and almost all other items. The only exceptions are items they get by trading CP, summon stone rewards at the end of each week, and things chocobos gives; those go into the proper inventory automatically. They can grab every item individually, and painstakingly open every chest, but if they go to the tabs in the Mog Box for Chests and Others, they can choose to take everything displayed on one page all at once. Note however that each page only displays eight items at most.

Actually a part of the Mog Box but accessible separately as well, Chocobo Reports are sighting reports of black, white, red, or green chocobos sent to the player from their friends.

Messages takes the player to their inbox, where they can read messages people wrote to them. They can reply directly from the message inbox as well. Sending a message gives them fifteen SP per message per person, and sending one to a party member earns forty-five SP. However, they can only get SP once every two hours for each person.

Those are the main parts of the Airship menu. Afterwards, there are news announcements, usually about new items, event launches, and things as such. Clicking on a title will take them to a page with the full article. Clicking on "More" under the news (only the three or four newest ones will show up normally) will display all announcements that are not outdated.

After announcements are what look like advertisements, but are advertisements. They're usually for events and promotions currently going on in the game. Clicking on them will take the player to the main page of that promotion.

There is also a Moogle Saloon button. That was used for the Holiday event, but nothing since then.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, the player can find their stats, including gil, level, SP, job, main ability, main weapon, ability cost, weapon cost, and user ID. There is a button that links to their profile, where they can edit their profile comment, see the most recent brigade feeds, and another rehash of their stats, this time with how many weapons and abilities they're holding as well.

Quest Edit

The Quest menu takes the player to the main quest menu where they can pick quests.

Brigade Edit

The Brigade menu takes the player to the Brigade page where they can see points updates for their brigade and their rivals, including a list of members of each brigade. It also includes any event information, like thee current CP, total CP and ranking, number of bosses they've killed or event summons they've summoned, whatever is applicable. But mainly, it displays total points, how far until their next points rewards, points ranking, brigade ranking, and everything else to do with points, as well as how many of each esper and fiend they've killed that day, and how many bosses they've killed since the start of the week. It's also very good about reminding the player about rewards, such as telling them if there are any unclaimed ones in their Mog Box, if they've hit event reward levels, etc. If there is a boss battle going on, they can fight from the Brigade page.

Event Edit

The Event menu is the area where the player can trade CP, trade in other rewards. And, of course, learn how each event works, though sometimes the order the information is in is a little convoluted, and they have to dig into the pages of the main Event page links in order to find everything they need to know.

Menu Edit

Unlike most other buttons in the game, it doesn't open up a new page, but an actual pop-up menu, which leads almost everywhere in the game. There are some icons on the menu that are greyed out and inaccessible, however, which are not available in the North American version yet.

Though most pages can be reached eventually from somewhere else, there are a few that are almost impossible to get to without going through the menu.

  • Messages: This takes the player to their message inbox. While they can get to it from the Airship page, it only lets them do that if they have new messages. If they want to go back there anytime after they've read their messages already, the will need to go through the menu.
  • Push Notification Settings: This lets the player change whether or not they want to be notified when someone sights an esper or a brigade boss. It is turned on by default.
  • Items: The player can only reach the Items page from the menu. It has three tabs: Recovery, Feed, and Evolve, if they need to check how many consumables they have. They can also use Recovery items directly from the menu, instead of waiting until their LP or BP runs out.
  • Fat Chocobo: This is currently accessible from an ad-like button from the Airship page, but has no official buttons yet.
  • Collection: The Collection shows them everything they've ever gotten, even things they discarded. The player can see all abilities, weapons, jobs, and summons that they've gotten. Note that jobs are only recorded when they master them at level 20, not when they first unlock them.
  • Config: The player can change autosell settings through the config menu, which is good when they've gathered some stuff already and don't want to clutter their inventory. They can autosell weapons, abilities, and CP chest rewards ranked N to R+, each adjusted individually. They cannot autosell SRs. They can also change their airship's appearance with any airships or parts they've earned as well as backgrounds. Finally, they can change their character's gender - this only affects appearance.
  • Help: The help page is essentially a manual for the game, formatted into a FAQ. It is very detailed and informative, but each page is very short, and there are many, many pages, which, with an average phone's loading time, makes going through them a bit long and hard.
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