One of the three menus.

The following entails the contents of the main menus of Final Fantasy Adventure. There are three types of menu screens. The screen shown below the world screen, the screen the player open with the Start button, and the screen the player open with the Select button.

Menu Screen 1[edit | edit source]

World Screen[edit | edit source]

The World Screen.

Beneath the World Screen, a smaller screen is visible at all times, as in the picture. The player should always keep an eye on this screen even during battle. Should the player's HP run low, an unexpected blow may be fatal and end the game unless they heal themselves quickly with an item or magic spell. Also remember that an especially powerful attack is possible when the gauge at the bottom of the screen read Max.

  • HP: The HP figure shows how much life Sumo has at the moment. Game over when his HP drops to 0.
  • MP: The MP indicates how much magic power Sumo has. When his MP drops to 0, no magic can be used.
  • Attack Gauge: When this gauge reads full, Sumo can use Max Attack.
  • G: G is short for GP which is the monetary unit in this world.

Menu Screen 2[edit | edit source]

Item[edit | edit source]

The Item Menu.

All items currently in the player's possession will be displayed on the screen. The player can change, and discard items on this screen. The player can have up to 16 items in their inventory.

Magic[edit | edit source]

The Magic Menu.

All the magic spells the player currently own will be displayed on a screen. The player can use magic only if they have sufficient MP, or put the spell back using the Item screen. Note that the player can only equip themselves with either an item or magic, not both.

Equip[edit | edit source]

The Equip Menu.

The weapon or armor the player are currently equipped with, and their attack and defense powers will be displayed on the screen. At the same time, a screen showing all the weapon and armor the player currently own appears. The player can have up to 12 of either weapons and/or armor in their inventory.

Ask[edit | edit source]

The Ask Menu.

If the player is accompanied by an NPC, they will give the player advice, recover HP or MP, or even give the player a ride. NPCs can help in many ways.

Menu Screen 3[edit | edit source]

Save[edit | edit source]

The Save Menu.

The Save Screen will appear. The player can save up to two games. Select the top or bottom box with the cursor, and press A again. The game will be saved. Once a game is saved, the player can resume it from where they left off by selecting Continue on the title screen the next time they play. The player can save a game any time except when an event is in progress.

Map[edit | edit source]

The Field Map Menu.

The Map will appear on screen. On the field map, towns and castle are indicated by symbols. On the dungeon map, only the rooms the player have passed through are shown. In either map, one grid represent one screen, A blinking grid shows the player's current position. Further, once the player turns the power off or save a game, the rooms the player have already visited will disappear from the map.

Status[edit | edit source]

The Status Menu.

The Status Screen allows the player to make comprehensive evaluation of Sumo's status. It is especially useful to know how much more experience points the player need in order to advance to the next level.

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