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Mentor is a special status obtainable by veteran players in Final Fantasy XIV. Qualified mentors can have the mentor status icon on their name tag and offer advice to new players.

Mentors and novices are allowed to access the Novice Network chat system. In the event players do not accept the initial invite or leave the Network, they can join using the command /nnetwork on. Novice status, indicated by a "sprout" icon, is applied automatically to all players with fewer than 168 hours of play time and who have not completed the quest A Requiem for Heroes A Requiem for Heroes. It can be manually disabled with the /nastatus command. Once removed, players cannot reobtain novice status.


To be qualified as a mentor, the player has to:

  • Complete the Endwalker role quest lines for tank, healer, and one of the DPS roles. Job-specific Lv90 quests are not required.
  • Complete 1,000 instanced duties.
  • Received 1500 player commendations.[1]