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Menrva is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIII. It is Galenth Dysley's familiar, having the appearance of a light gray, owl-like bird with the Cocoon fal'Cie brand on its wing and the face of Orphan on its chest. Menrva can turn into an airship and acts as an extension to Dysley's hidden powers, which allows him to turn into his fal'Cie form, Barthandelus.

The Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega reveals Menrva is a type of fal'Cie, and alongside Barthandelus a fal'Cie that does not rely on power from Orphan.[1]


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Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise-[]

In the days following their awakening from crystal stasis, Menrva keeps a watchful eye on Vanille and Fang as they wander around Cocoon.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Menrva's owl form.

While Lightning and her group are trying to escape the crystallized Lake Bresha, Dysley sends Menrva to check on the l'Cie.

Later, Dysley uses Menrva aboard the Palamecia to turn into his fal'Cie form and provokes the six Pulse l'Cie to fight him. After they defeat Barthandelus, he disappears, Menrva turns into an airship, and takes the l'Cie to the Fifth Ark, where the Cocoon fal'Cie want the l'Cie to improve their abilities to destroy Cocoon.

Menrva's airship form.

Menrva later appears in Oerba, when Dysley reveals himself from the guise of Serah Farron and turns into his fal'Cie form and challenges the l'Cie once again. After the fight, he reveals his current plans and events happening on Cocoon and leaves, while Menrva remains and turns into an airship which takes them to Eden.

Its final appearance is when Lightning and the others arrive at the secluded chamber in Orphan's Cradle, where Menrva dives into the pool to complete Orphan's manifestation after Barthandelus is assimilated into the fal'Cie.

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Menrva (also spelled Menerva, Menfra, Merva and Mera) was an Etruscan goddess of war, art, wisdom, and health. She contributed a lot of her character to the Roman goddess of wisdom, Minerva, whose symbol was the owl. Menrva's Japanese name is Minerva.