Mene is a moogle in Final Fantasy IX who operates the Chocobo Hot and Cold minigame and is friends with Choco, the chocobo that befriends Zidane Tribal.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]


Mene has the generic male moogle character model. He has white fur that has a tint of pink, a red nose and pompom and red batwings.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mene is enthusiastic about Chocobo Hot and Cold and about Chocographs. He loves Choco and wants to help his friend find treasure and all the various secret chocobo-related locations in the world.

Story[edit | edit source]

Zidane meets Mene at Chocobo's Forest on the ground level of the Mist Continent. Mene introduces Zidane to Chocobo Hot and Cold, and gives Zidane Gysahl Greens to tame Choco. As Choco and Zidane become better at the game, Choco gains the blessing of Fat Chocobo and changes color. Whenever Mene sees Choco's changed plumage he will comment on it. Mene follows Zidane and Choco when they eventually discover Chocobo's Lagoon, Chocobo's Air Garden and Chocobo's Paradise.

Mene, Choco and Zidane at Chocobo's Paradise.

Legend says that chocobos who find their way to the paradise can stay there forever, and Mene is sad he will have to part ways with Choco as moogles are not permitted to live there. Zidane and Mene ponder how they will get back to the Paradise, as it is located on an island and they rode Choco to get there. Mene says he can fly with his wings, but when they try he is too small to lift Zidane. As they are about to leave, Choco catches up with them, revealing that he rejects the offer of the Fat Chocobo and is unwilling to part with his friends, much to Mene's joy.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Mene exchanges the player's accumulated points into prizes.

Chocobo Hot and Cold is a sidequest that spans a number of locations across the world map and is the means to unveiling a number of new locations otherwise unvisitable. The player accumulates points by playing the game, which Mene will exchange for prizes. He will sell Gysahl Greens and Dead Peppers to the player. The player must pay Mene to play the minigame.

When the party is about to face Ozma, Mene will warn the party and let them change party configuration beforehand.

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