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Memories from the Aquapolis is a story event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.


Rain and his friends have found themselves lost in a strange space created by the memories of people. This is where the thoughts and ambitions of those who fought to protect the aquapolis lie. Realizing they were born with a purpose, they chose to live a life of loyalty and dedication. While coming face-to-face with these memories, Rain and his friends must navigate the maze. What could be waiting for them should they make it to the end...?


Memories from the Aquapolis was an exploration event in which players must simply clear all stages to obtain all the rewards. Lapis could not be used to continue (ie. revive an all-KO'd party) after being defeated in any of the stages. The map was shared between all stages but had a higher difficulty as one progresses further until the entire map was opened to the most difficult stage. Any chest opened would stay open in other stages.

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