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Memiroa (Mio-Raem in the European version(s)) is the final boss of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and the merged form of Raem and Lady Mio.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Memiroa's attacks inflict obscene amounts of damage and have area effects. Its health is not listed on the GBA screen.

The player should destroy its crystal talon to access its vulnerable head. While the talon is intact, Memiroa will use a red laser beam that strikes a single point almost instantly that inflicts massive Fire damage on anyone caught within the explosion, and a linear blue laser that freezes anything it touches. It will also slam the ground with one of its claws to stun an opponent. Once the talon has been destroyed, it will attack with either a black laser that inflicts serious damage, or a pair of white lasers that can generally kill a character in a single hit.

Strategy Edit

Phoenix Downs help a lot during this fight, and it is recommended that the player keeps at least one in the command slots at all times. This is especially true in single-player mode, as there is no one to cast Life on the player.

In single player mode, it is helpful to collect the memory bubbles that will float down from above before the Crystal Talon captures them itself. When the player casts a spell, Cure, for instance, on a memory bubble, it will transform into a Magicite labeled ????. There are a limited number of memory bubbles: The player gains one for each page of the caravan's diary written (for each completed caravan voyage). The number of diary entries decreases on the GBA screen as the bubbles appear.

Each Magicite casts a random -"aga" spell, so it will not be that easy to get the desired one. The spell to go for is the one that makes the player briefly invincible, recognizable by the blue glow that surrounds the character.

Memiroa can do nothing against the player while under this spell, so it is advised to collect a good amount of the ???? magic, and when his head drops down, quickly go to the command slots and set all except for one (which should be a Phoenix Down) to ???? and quickly cast them until the Invincibility spell is gotten. The player should then continue to attack at his head.

The amount of memory bubbles one can acquire is tied to the amount of memories they have. Each bubble spawned consumes one memory. Because of this, players visiting from other save files will be unable to acquire their own ???? Magicite, although they can collect them from their allies.

Musical themes Edit

Memiroa has fitting music called "Fusion, Descent".

Etymology Edit

"Memiroa" is an anagram of the combined letters of "Raem" and Mio", but also an anagram of the Latin word memoria, meaning "memory".

Trivia Edit

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