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Memeriga is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. A wealthy patron in Ul'dah, he is known as the "Deathmonger" and leads a company called the Laughing Alchemists. He is the villain of the Allied Beast-Tribes quest line.


Memeriga plotted to gain power by building an army of the dead, using forbidden arts. As reanimating the civilized races would draw unwelcome attention, he sought to reanimate beastmen instead, knowing the prevailing prejudices would allow it to go unnoticed. With the aid of the mercenary Nhaza'a Jaab (the "Ebon Blade"), their predations against beastmen - including 200 sylphs murdered in Northern Thanalan - went barely noticed by the Grand Companies for months. However, they soon began to target the friendlier tribes such as the sylphs of Little Solace and Novv's Clutch, which would lead to his downfall.

Upon learning that Nhaza'a was piloting a rare model of airship, the beast-tribes and their allies were able to trace the sellsword to his employers in the Laughing Alchemists. The Ebon Blade revealed that Memeriga was readying his master plans at the Invisible City in Eastern Thanalan. Though Memeriga had many professional bodyguards at his disposal, the Beastman Alliance put a stop to his plans and subdued his bodyguards. With his reanimation chemicals and airship destroyed by kobold explosives, all of Memeriga's plans came crashing down, and was arrested by the Brass Blades.



Memeriga is a male Dunesfolk Lalafell with dark skin, grey hair and handlebar moustache, and beige colored eyes.


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