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A real pretty lady who appears at the Vesperpool in the dead of night, luring in fellas who can't see she's a daemon in disguise.


Melusine is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV introduced as part of patch v1.13. The quest O Partner, My Partner is available from Chapter 8 onwards and has a recommended level of 99. A hunter at the Meldacio Hunter HQ tells Noctis of men vanishing in the Vesperpool, and the retinue must defeat the daemon behind the disappearances. Defeating Melusine yields a faded letter.


With a two-headed snake wrapped around her body, this deadly daemon has claimed the lives of many men, preying on their baser urges. Rumors of her bewitching beauty—rivaled only by her strength—have spread through the hunter grapevine.
Size: 25.46 ft. Weight: 32.34 t


O Partner, My PartnerMeldacio Hunter HQVisit Meldacio Hunter HQ in Chapter 810,000 EXP, Magitek Suit



Where is he? Bring him to me. Where is he?


Melusine uses physical attacks. Her hydra heads can be targeted and killed to prevent many of her attacks. Her powerful green beams inflict Poison, while the smoky substance she emits turns the party to Stone. She can sometimes pick up Noctis, and inflict Confusion with repeated slaps. She is immune to Death.

Melusine has a unique parry animation, where Noctis will leap up and drop a detonating fire flask in her hands.

Melusine will vanish at daybreak, unlike other daemons that remain and are continually damaged by the sunlight. The vanishing prevents players from engaging in a battle shortly before sunrise and simply needing to outlast the target.


The player should keep the whole party alive and trigger a cross chain every time Noctis parries.

Good Techniques to use are Ignis's Enhancement to augment Noctis's attacks and Prompto's PiercerPiercer to lower Melusine's defense. The player can then change Ignis's Technique to Overwhelm and use it when Melusine is going to do an area attack; this makes the party invincible for the duration of the attack animation. The player should thus maintain two tech bars to be ready to use Overwhelm, and use Enhancement and Piercer when the bar is full, which only take one bar. Otherwise, Ignis's Sagefire can also target Melusine's weakness to fire-elemental attacks.

Good weapons to use are Noctis's Ultima Blade (or another strong weapon that can trigger link-strikes), the strongest daggers he has, and two royal arms that give good stat boosts. The player should use the daggers for most of the battle, as they are fast. When Melusine is about to use an area attack, the player can switch to a royal arm and use Overwhelm (royal arms don't drain HP during Overwhelm), and afterward continue with the daggers. When Melusine is in vulnerable state the player should switch to Ultima Blade to initiate a cross chain.

While daggers attack fast, they don't trigger linked attacks, so if the player gets to attack Melusine's blindside, it is best to change to Ultima Blade for a chance of triggering a blindside link. Equipping party members with Friendship Bands may make linked attacks more frequent.

Character-swapping to Prompto and using the bazooka, or to Gladiolus and using his strong attacks and block parries is also good. Gladiolus can block all of Melusine's moves and build up his rage while remaining protected. The player can swap frequently and use each character's best moves. Noctis's Armiger is powerful, especially when empowered by Ignis's Enhancement. Quintcasting fire magic deals a ton of damage, and Zu Beaks are a good catalyst to use for creating Flare spells for this battle. If the player has Armiger Unleashed available, using it can trivialize the battle.

The player can very quickly step outside the battle zone and back in to revive fallen party members in a pinch.



In European mythology, Melusine is a female spirit that inhabits or watches over water. Similar to a siren or mermaid, Melusine generally possesses one or more serpent or fish tails and a woman's torso and head. Sometimes she also has wings. Several noble houses took great pride in claiming to be descended from Melusine, notably the Plantagenet Dynasty of England.


  • The enemy is based on its Final Fantasy V counterpart, which was designed (Melusine FFV Nomura Art) by Tetsuya Nomura.
  • It is implied Melusine is the daemonic form of the ex-partner of the hunter who gave the quest. She leaves behind a love letter written by the hunter, and her final words are "thank you."

Hey partner,
Can you believe we've been together for three whole years? Whoever said 'time flies' was right. And I know it hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows, but I want you to know that I care about you more than anything else in this godforsaken world. When we first met, you were like a little sister to me—someone I had to protect, but now I see you for the thoughtful and courageous woman you've beco—

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