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Melkoko Melko is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV.


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Melkoko asks Lyngsath the services of an accomplished culinarian to join Dellemont d'Or and defeat H'mhasi Tia, the Missing Member's head chef and put him in his place. Lyngsath recommends the Warrior of Light for the service. Melkoko admits to being in love with H'mhasi Tia but is dissatisfied with his personality during the contest.

As soon as Master Dellemont arrives at Bismarck, H'mhasi Tia and Melkoko pay their respects to him. The pair ends up arguing culminating in a bet. Although she has absolutely no right to do so, Melkoko agrees to relinquish Bismarck's ownership to H'mhasi Tia, should he win triumphantly at Dellemont d'Or. However, if H'mhasi Tia loses he must give up being a culinarian.

During the contest, Dellemont gives the Warrior of Light a perfect ten, the first in the entire history of the contest and a point above H'mhasi Tia's nine. Dellemont takes a moment to explain his assessments. While H'mhasi Tia's creations were magnificent in themselves, they lacked the spirit of hospitality that defined their dishes. H'mhasi admits defeat and flees in disarray and Melkoko follows him. Melkoko and H'mhasi Tia made peace with each other. It is revealed that H'mhasi Tia's apparent arrogance was simply an act of posture, and he was training hard for the contest in secret. With Rhoswen's permission, he decides to travel across the kingdom to become a great culinary artist like the Warrior of Light, and Melkoko promises that she will wait for him.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

When the Warrior of Light and Raulf go to the Missing Member in search of a cargo of dried fish from the Far East, Rhoswen reports that she has ordered everything to be discarded. Melkoko appears and says that she has the dried fish stored. Melkoko says that in the absence of H'mhasi Tia she adopted a kitten that resembles him and that she was saving the fish as food for her pet.




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