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Meliadoul Tengille

Meliadoul Tengille, also known as Meliadoul Tingel, is the daughter of Folmarv Tengille in Final Fantasy Tactics. She, her father Folmarv, and her brother Isilud, are Knights Templar in service to the Church of Glabados. Her birthday is December 24.



Meliadoul is a young woman with brown eyes. However, her hair color is unknown because of her long emerald-green cloak's hood. She wears golden templar armor with a long dark gray skirt and black boots.


Meliadoul is unaware of the Lucavi plot. She is initially vengeful and cold-hearted towards Ramza Beoulve, but apologizes once she learns of his sincerity. She is righteous, brave and determined. Meliadoul and Isilud are also the only Templars to ultimately see that their Order deeds are wrong and will bring nothing but chaos and despair to Ivalice.


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Vendetta against Ramza[]

A Lucavi? So the Lucavi again walk among us, killing for their own delight? Ha! A splendid tale! But a lie less fanciful might better persuade.


Meliadoul's brother Isilud is killed at Riovanes Castle when their father, the leader of the Knights Templar Folmarv Tengille, transforms into the Lucavi demon Hashmal and goes on a rampage. Not knowing of the Lucavi or that Hashmal had possessed her father, Meliadoul comes to believe Ramza Beoulve, who had been labelled a heretic by the church, had killed her brother. She sets out for revenge, waiting for Ramza on the road to Zeltennia Castle.

Meliadoul confronting Ramza.

When Meliadoul confronts Ramza, he tries to explain the truth, but she won't listen. She attacks, but Ramza and his friends overpower her. Meliadoul vows she would strike at Ramza again and teleports away.

Meliadoul prepares to strike at Ramza again as he approaches Limberry Castle to deal with Marquis Elmdore. Following Ramza into the castle basement, she witnesses Elmdore's transformation into Zalera, one of the Lucavi demons, after the Gemini auracite kept on his person glows. Meliadoul has Zalera admit Folmarv is also possessed by a Lucavi, and, realizing the truth, she helps Ramza defeat him.

Against Folmarv[]

Those sins will be atoned for. There shall be no mercy - not even for you.

Meliadoul towards Cletienne after saving Ramza at Dorter Trade City

Meliadoul joins Ramza, and yields him the Sagittarius Stone in her possession, having been entrusted to her by the High Confessor. Meliadoul alerts Ramza that his elder brother, Dycedarg Beoulve, has been given the Capricorn Stone, and thus may become a host to another Lucavi demon.

On their way to Eagrose Castle, Meliadoul saves Ramza from Cletienne Duroi in the Merchant City of Dorter. Cletienne asks her when did she turn traitor, and the latter replies that her brother Isilud and herself were used. Ramza and Meliadoul defeat Cletienne together. Before following Folmarv and another Templar, Loffrey, who escapes using teleporation, Meliadoul asks if her father was a Lucavi. Cletienne tells her to see for herself. Meliadoul realizes her father really is possessed.

After defeating Adrammelech, the Lucavi demon possessing Dycedarg in Eagrose Castle, Meliadoul and Ramza's party run into Folmarv in Mullonde Cathedral. Folmarv, with Loffrey and Cletienne, has mortally wounded Marcel Funebris, the high priest.

Then it is true! You are not my father.

Meliadoul towards her father, Folmarv

Meliadoul confronts her father, asking if he killed Isilud, explaining she had learned of the Lucavi and she knows Folmarv is possessed. Folmarv confirms and asks why she is with Ramza. Meliadoul explains the truth of the Lucavi to her father, and Folmarv remarks on her referring to them as monsters. Meliadoul rebels by challenging him, and though Folmarv proves a powerful opponent—backed up by two other Knights Templar, Loffrey and Cletienne—Ramza and Meliadoul prevail. Folmarv escapes with the other two by teleportation, and later raises Ramza's other elder brother, Zalbaag Beoulve, from the dead to distract Ramza long enough to escape. Meliadoul accompanies Ramza on the final stage of his quest to stop the Lucavi leader Ultima's resurrection.


Meliadoul's default and exclusive job is the Divine Knight, one of the "special Knight" jobs, whose abilities simultaneously hurt opponents and break their equipment, essentially being an empowered Knight.


When she joins the party, her level depends on the party's level, but she starts with 67 Bravery and 68 Faith, and comes equipped with the Save the Queen, Aegis Shield, Circlet, Luminous Robe, and Hermes Shoes.

An additional battle in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions includes Meliadoul confronting Cletienne about her father. Meliadoul fights as an ally, even if the player does not recruit her after the battle with Zalera.

Alongside Cidolfus Orlandeau and Beowulf Cadmus, Meliadoul is one of three characters to bring a Zodiac Stone into the party upon joining.

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Meliadoul is fought at Free City of Bervenia. She starts at level 35 with 67 Bravery and 68 Faith, and comes equipped with the Defender, Platinum Shield, Platinum Helm, Carabineer Mail, and the ultra-rare Chantage. She has access to the Unyielding Blade command as well as random Squire abilities and a random action ability. The player can steal both the Defender and Chantage, as they are rare and powerful pieces of equipment. Defeating all of the enemies or KO'ing Meliadoul is not required; simply reducing Meliadoul's HP to less than 20% of her Max HP ends the battle.

Meliadoul and Isilud are the only Knights Templar to be fought once.


When fought in the eleventh Rendezvous battle: All-Star Melee, she is 2 levels higher than the highest level deployed unit. She starts with 67 Bravery and 78 Faith. She is in her default Divine Knight class, and equipped with the Defender, a full set of Crystal equipment, and the Septiéme. She has access to the Unyielding Blade and Item commands, as well as the abilities Shirahadori, Attack Boost, and Lifefont.

When fought in the fourteenth Rendezvous battle: Brave Story, she is level 99 and starts with 97 Bravery and 63 Faith. She comes equipped with the Excalibur, Crystal Shield, Circlet, Luminous Robe, and Septiéme. She has access to the Unyielding Blade command, as well as the abilities Counter, Attack Boost, Ignore Elevation, and a random other ability.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Meliadoul is a playable character who could be initially recruited during the Challenge Event Sworn by Steel as a First Time Reward for completing the event's Walled City of Yardrow stage on Classic difficulty.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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