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Melee battles are for sparring.

Tavern Patron

Melee (通信対戦, Tsūshin Taisen?, lit. Communication Battle) is a optional multiplayer battle in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. It is unlocked in Chapter 1 after the events at Eagrose Castle, a cutscene will automatically play once the player reaches Magick City of Gariland while heading to Siedge Weald.

If the player wish to challenge another player to battle via Ad Hoc Mode, select "Melee" at any tavern in Ivalice. One player should select "Host Melee Battle," while the other player selects "Join Melee Battle. " Once a connection is made, the hosting player will then be prompted to set the rules of engagement and start the battle.

A melee battle ends once all of one player's units have been KO'd, or the maximum number of actions has been performed. If the battle ends due to the action limit being reached, then the player with the most units remaining is the winner. Items are then awarded based on the battle results, concluding the melee battle session.

Since the multiplayer element was removed in the iOS and Android version, Melee is not available.


Melee rules must be set before the battle begins:

  • Map Selection: Determines whether the map is selected by the hosting player or at random.
  • Time Limit: Determines how much total time is allotted to each player to spend deciding units' actions.
  • Action Limit: Determines the total number of actions that each side may perform in battle.
  • Special Controls: Determines whether special time-sensitive controls will be used in the battle.
  • Trap Placement Determines whether traps are set manually or at random.
  • Number of Traps: Determines the number of traps that may be set in a single battle.
  • Arithmeticks: Determines whether the Arithmeticks ability may be used during battle.

The battle ends once all units belonging to either player are KO'd. If the action limit is reached before this occurs, the player with the most remaining units at the end of the battle is the winner. If both players have the same number of units left, the battle ends in a draw. After the battle, three items are awarded to the winner, and one is awarded to the loser. In the case of a draw, two items are awarded to each player.

Units KO'd in melee are not permanently lost. They will disappear from the battlefield when their KO countdowns expire, but rejoin the party after battle. All equipment and items which are consumed or destroyed during battle will likewise be restored to their previous states once the battle has ended.

The only unit attribute that changes permanently as a result of multiplayer battles is JP. Aside from JP and subsequent job level increases, all attributes return to their original values at the end of the battle.

The following controls will be used in melee battles if the Special Controls option is turned on:

  • After selecting "Attack," pressing X just before the unit's weapon strikes will knock the enemy back one tile.
  • If the hit probability for an attack is near 50%, both players will be prompted to press X repeatedly once the attack is confirmed. The outcome will depend on which player presses the button the greater number of times.
  • If a unit enters a tile containing a trap, a sequence of buttons will be displayed. Pressing the correct buttons in the correct order within the time limit will disarm the trap.


Setting the trap placement method to either "Random" or "Manual" enables the placement of traps on the melee map. If a unit moves into a tile trapped by the opposing player, the unit will be affected in one of several ways, depending on the type of trap. Traps placed cannot be triggered by the players' own units. However, units will be affected if they are within the area of effect of a trap sprung by one of the opponent's units.

Triggering a trap results in the following effects:

  • Sten Needle Trap: HP loss
  • Hypnogas Trap: Inflicts Sleep
  • Death Trap: Inflicts Doom
  • Mine: HP loss and inflicts Oil
  • Mossfungus Trap: Inflicts Poison
  • Cursed Stone: Inflicts Undead

Traps cannot be set on the following types of tiles:

  • Tiles to which no unit may move.
  • Tiles that units can occupy at the start of battle.
  • Water tiles with a depth greater than 1.


The items below are found in Melee, but there are also some different multiplayer-only items that are only available in Rendezvous. If the player is playing the iOS version, they'll instead be able to buy the PSP exclusive items by completing the main story once and then visiting a Poachers' Den.


Melee generally refers to disorganized close combat involving a group of fighters.