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Meldacio Hunter HQ would like to remind you that, in these troubled times, all of us must stand together to protect one another. We do battle with danger to defend the world we live in. Won't you lend us a hand? Drop in to see us at Hunter HQ, or contact your local hunter for more information.

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Meldacio Hunter HQ is an outpost in the Cleigne region in Final Fantasy XV. It is inhabited by hunters, and has a caravan, restaurant, item and weapon shops, and a rent-a-bird. It is located under a natural stone arch. It is on the road that leads to Vesperpool.



East side of the HQ, on a table by a fence.

Base of operations for the organization tasked with defending the Lucian continent. The Hunters undertake a wide range of missions, including but not limited to the extermination of dangerous beasts, the exploration of ancient ruins, and the investigation of missing persons.
While most Lucians are familiar with the Hunters organization, few know its true origins, which date back some 150 years. In those days, the Wall kept the Crown City safe from the threat of imperial invasion, but the lands outside the capital were all but defenseless against the daemons. Thus, a band of Insomnian refugees took it upon themselves to keep the people of the outlands from harm, and the Hunters were born.
The outpost currently serving as Hunter HQ was once employed by the Lucian military, then refurbished by members of the organization in order to better brace themselves for a potential daemon attack. The buildings have largely fallen into disrepair, however, a sign that the Hunters' glory days may be behind them.


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The outpost was once employed by the Lucian military, and was refurbished by the Hunters, although it has fallen into disrepair. When Noctis Lucis Caelum and his retinue visit the Meldacio Hunter HQ, they help a hunter out by felling a Melusine. Noctis meets with Ezma Auburnbrie, the leader of the Hunters, and receives a key to deepest parts of the dungeons that the party have already explored.

When darkness overruns Eos Meldacio Hunter HQ is fortified and the Hunters move their headquarters to Lestallum, although the outpost remains an important strategic station. When EXINERIS Industries sends power to the Hunter HQ, they begin taking in refugees, including Biggs and Wedge, who help bolster up security with imperial soldiers. It is unknown if Meldacio Hunter HQ survives the full ten years that Noctis is in the Crystal.

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Portuttle Hut[]


The restaurant is pricey but the dishes gain new recipes to Ignis. The restaurateur is the tipster for the area and has some of the harder Level 9 hunts available later (see below).

NameEffectsPriceRecipe obtainedUnlock
Meat & Onion Skewers
(Barbecue Roti)
Meat & Onion Skewers.jpg
Attack Boost icon in FFXV.png Attack Boost (Level 20): Strength +200
HP Boost icon in FFXV.png HP Boost (Level 16): Max HP +800
2000Hunters' Krazy KebabsDefault
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02 Price: 2850
Mama Ezma's Meat Pie
(Ezma Pie)
Mama Ezma's Meat Pie.jpg
Attack Boost icon in FFXV.png Attack Boost (Level 15): Strength +150
Magic Boost icon in FFXV.png Magic Boost (Level 15): Magic +150
HP Boost icon in FFXV.png HP Boost (Level 10): Max HP +500
1500Meldacio Meat PieDefault
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02 Price: 1980
Hunters' Ragout
(Meldacio Ragout)
Hunters' Ragout.jpg
Attack Boost icon in FFXV.png Attack Boost (Level 40): Strength +400
HP Boost icon in FFXV.png HP Boost (Level 40): Max HP +2000
3000King's StewDefault
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02 Price: 4200


Parvinath General Store[]


The shop is at the east end of town and sells a cookbook for Ignis, among other goods.

Item Gil Type Info
Potion 50 Items Restores half of HP.
Hi-Potion 100 Items Fully restores HP.
Elixir 400 Items Fully restores HP and MP and regenerates half of maximum HP.
Hi-Elixir 800 Items Restores maximum HP and MP.
Phoenix Down 1000 Items Brings fallen party members back to life. Temporarily increases HP and MP recovery rate.
Antidote 10 Items Cures Poison.
Gold Needle 50 Items Cures Stone.
Smelling Salts 50 Items Cures Confusion.
Maiden's Kiss 100 Items Cures Toad.
Power EX 500 Items Boosts attack.
Mettle VX 500 Items Boosts defense.
Spirit ZX 500 Items Boosts spirit.
Verve WX 500 Items Boosts magic.
Daggerquill Breast 60 Ingredients Used for cooking Multi-Meat Sandwich, Creamy Fowl Sauté, Peppery Daggerquill Rice, Quillhorn Soup
Anak Meat 80 Ingredients Used for cooking Prairie-Style Skewers, Breaded Cutlet with Tomato, and Miss Mercenary's Cassoulet.
Bulette Shank 220 Ingredients Used for cooking Fried Frontier Skewer, Crown City Dive-Style Dumplings, Ace Hunter's Schnitzel, Meat-and-Beet Bouillon, and Pit Crew's Meat Wraps.
Garula Sirloin 120 Ingredients Used for cooking Grease Monkey's Schnitzel Sandwich, Dry-Aged Tender Roast Stew, and Stacked Ham Sandwich.
Dualhorn Steak 160 Ingredients Used for cooking Spicy Long-Bone Rib Steak, Quillhorn Soup, Meldacio Meat Pie, and Horntooth Meat Pie.
Chickatrice Leg 240 Ingredients Used for cooking Paella de Pollo, Mother & Child Rice Bowl, and Green Soup Curry.
Gigantoad Steak 520 Ingredients Used for cooking Toadsteak Drumsticks, Croaker in Brown Sauce, and Hot Hopper Skewers.
Garulessa Steak 670 Ingredients Used for cooking Prime Garula Rib, Garulessandwich, Horntooth Meat Pie, and Semur Skewers.
Behemoth Tenderloin 3200 Ingredients Used for cooking Smoked Behemoth, and King's Stew.
Jabberwock Sirloin 5200 Ingredients Used for cooking Crown City Roast, and Lasagna al Forno.
Zu Tender 4800 Ingredients Used for cooking Roc of Ravatogh Rice, Crispy Zu Skewers, and Feast of the Divine.
Leiden Pepper 20 Ingredients Used for cooking Prairie-Style Skewers, Spicy Long-Bone Rib Steak, Grilled Wild Trevally, Peppery Daggerquill Rice, Crown City Dive-Style Dumplings, Robust Bean Soup, Toadsteak Drumsticks, Skewered Wild Trout, Creamy Bisque, Devilfin Soup, Crown City Roast, Legendary Herb-Grilled Whopper, and Broiled King-on-a-Stick.
Sweet Pepper 50 Ingredients Used for cooking Burly Bean Bowl, Fried Rookie on Rice, Sweet & Spicy Cygillan Crab, Green Soup Curry, Blazing Braised Gizzard, Fire-Sauce Fillet, Sweet Saltwater Crustacean Curry, Plump 'n' Pungent Tofu, and Pit Crew's Meat Wraps.
Garlic 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Hot Hopper Skewers, Darkshells Marinières, Kenny's Original Recipe, Prime Garula Rib, Fried Tide Grouper, Kenny's Secret Recipe, Semur Skewers, and Hearty Stir-Fry.
Schier Turmeric 250 Ingredients Used for cooking Grilled Wild Barramundi, Garden Curry, Beanball Croquettes, and Legendary Herb-Grilled Whopper.
Hulldagh Nutmeg 600 Ingredients Used for cooking Lestallum Stewed Tripe, Nebula Salmon Teriyaki, Smoked Behemoth, and Seasoned Midgardsormr.
Kettier Ginger 600 Ingredients Used for cooking Thick 'n' Juicy Steak, Blazing Braised Gizzard, Carp of the Diem, Grilled Mighty Barramundi, Fire-Sauce Fillet, Devilfin Soup, Royal Banquet Canapé, Longwythe's Peak, and Plump 'n' Pungent Tofu.
Allural Shallot 800 Ingredients Used for cooking Green Soup Curry, Golden Tail Soup, Excellent Oven-Roasted Trout, and Royal Banquet Canapé.
Armory on Wheels 6000 Auto Parts A custom decal set featuring mechanized military theme.
Caution: Wild Beasts Sticker 1000 Auto Parts A wild beast warning sign decal.
Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 7 2000 Key Items Teaches Ignis Roc of Ravatogh Rice.

Culless Munitions - Hunter HQ[]


Culless Munitions is a weapons and accessories vendor operating from a black Culless Munitions van. The best equipment in Lucis is sold in Meldacio HQ.

Item Gil Type Info
Durandal 10000 Swords-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 232 MP+11 Dark Resist+33%
Deals Light-elemental damage.
Radiant Lance 10000 Polearms-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 205
Deals Light-elemental damage.
Orichalcum 10000 Daggers-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 223 MP+9 Magic+20
Deals Light-elemental damage.
Black Prince 10000 Shields-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 175 Vitality+32 Dark Resist+22% Ballistic Resist+13%
Taking darkness damage boosts magic.
Ice Shield 800 Shields-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 93 Vitality+18 Ice Resist+22% Ballistic Resist+10%
Taking ice damage greatly boosts health recovery.
Titanium Bangle 2500 HP+200
Heliodor Bracelet 2000 Strength+40
Talisman 1500 Magic+80
Knight's Anklet 2500 Vitality+70
Oracle Card 2500 Spirit+70


There is also a Cosmogony entry, The Revelation, on a table near the "hanna" billboard.




There is a dartboard on the wall of a building on the western side of the outpost where the player can play a little minigame. Hitting bullseye is the best result, and awards 6 AP on the first landing. The minigame yields no further prizes if played again.

Scraps of Mystery XII[]

The map is behind this house.

The western side of Meldacio Hunter HQ has a building with trees and flowers on the porch. The map is behind the western side in the yellow bin round the corner. It marks a spot at the curve of the road in Pallareth Pass. The treasure is in a concrete bunker.

Sania's quests[]

The player can meet Sania Yeagre at the west side of the outpost who asks for Noctis and friends to collect fireflies from Myrlwood. They are easily spotted on the ground when it is dark.

Sania's final quest is to send Noctis to find rainbow frogs without giving a clue as to their location beyond that they are near water. Bringing her the frogs rewards 15,000 EXP and a Ribbon.

Mountains of Misfortune[]

Mountains of MisfortuneCleigneComplete "Washed Away" and reach Chapter 072,000 EXP, Megalixir x5

After helping him twice at Old Lestallum, Dave relocates to the Hunter HQ and is found on a terrace of a house. The local tipster can help with the tag's exact location. The Polished Dog Tag is near the Steyliff Grove ruins.

The Witch of the Woods[]

The Witch of the WoodsHouse of HexesComplete "Mountains of Misfortune" and visit Verinas Mart - Ravatogh tipster in Chapter 82,500 EXP, Mega Phoenix x10

Dave's final dog tags returned.

Dave's last quest has him go missing, and the tipster at Verinas Mart - Ravatogh asks the party to look for him. Dave is found near Malmalam Thicket, marveling at a sign that forbids hunters from entering. The player needs to talk to Kimya Auburnbrie at the House of Hexes nearby who directs the party to the depths of Malmalam Thicket to find the dog tags. After defeating the boss at the end of the woofs, the party can find the tags to the left of the tomb. Dave is found in Meldacio Hunter HQ to yield his final reward.

O Partner, My Partner[]

O Partner, My PartnerMeldacio Hunter HQVisit Meldacio Hunter HQ in Chapter 810,000 EXP, Magitek Suit

The quest was added in patch 1.13. In Chapter 8 the player can find a hunter at the HQ to sends the party to fell Melusine at the Vesperpool. She is a fearsome daemon that appears at night and disappears at daybreak, so the player has a time limit for the battle. The recommended level is 99, but the player can easily complete the quest on lower levels with the right preparations. Returning to the hunter after felling Melusine has him relate his story and yield 10,000 EXP and a Magitek Suit.


Voltage FluctuationMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Thunderoc x9Pallareth Pass (Daytime)294,650, Megalixir★★
Threat from the ThicketMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Killer Wasp x7The Vesperpool (Daytime)335,550 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Softly Now, Mighty FoesMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Lich x3Steyliff Grove (All Times)356,060 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Mission: InvincibleMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Black Flan x3The Vesperpool (Nighttime)387,020 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Divine Beast of the UnderworldMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Quetzalcoatl x1Steyliff Grove (All Times)387,110 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Hunter HQ Line of DefenseMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Mushmahhu x3, Mushussu x3Risorath Basin (All Times)428,660 gil, Ice Crest★★★
Lovable Little GluttonsMeldacio Hunter HQ5
Red Hunt Icon.png
Regaltrice x5The Vesperpool (Daytime)448,980 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Felling Mad, Old TreesMeldacio Hunter HQ1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Treant x1The Vesperpool (Nighttime)469,900 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Serpent of Risorath BasinMeldacio Hunter HQ7
Red Hunt Icon.png
Midgardsormr x1The Vesperpool (All Times)5415,690 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★★
Breeding Season: Hen ExterminationMeldacio Hunter HQ8
Red Hunt Icon.png
Royalisk x2The Vesperpool (Daytime)6221,120 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★★
Breeding Season: Rooster ExterminationMeldacio Hunter HQ9
Red Hunt Icon.png
Kingatrice x1, Basilisk x3Risorath Basin (Daytime)7030,320 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★★★
People-Eating Snake Has Got to GoMeldacio Hunter HQ9
Red Hunt Icon.png
Hvitrormr x1The Vesperpool (All Times)7836,070 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★★★
A Wall in Our WayMeldacio Hunter HQ9
Red Hunt Icon.png
Daemonwall x1Steyliff Grove (All Times)8438,000 gil, Emerald Bracelet★★★★★

New recipes[]

Horntooth Meat Pie.

Eating Eat Mama Ezma's Meat Pie at Portuttle Hut teaches Meldacio Meat Pie to Ignis, one of Prompto's favorite foods. Eating Meat & Onion Skewers teaches Hunters' Krazy Kebabs. Eating Hunters' Ragout teaches King's Stew.

Observing a woman eating outside Parvinath General Store teaches Horntooth Meat Pie, one of Ignis's favorites.

Purchasing Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 7 at Parvinath General Store teaches Roc of Ravatogh Rice.

Dungeon doors[]

In Chapter 15, the player can find a lady named Ezma Auburnbrie at Meldacio HQ. She gives a key to the sealed doors in dungeons. The doors hide amazing items guarded by high-level daemons.



The item shop has a sign for "Adamantoise Paradise". This alludes to Turtle's Paradise from Final Fantasy VII. Adamantoise is a turtle monster in the series, which also appears in Final Fantasy XV as a post-game superboss.

There is a "Weapons Monthly" magazine in the item shop. Weapons Monthly is a magazine in Final Fantasy VIII that gives recipes for remodeling weapons.