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A mysterious gentleman rumored to be able to bend lightning to his will. According to him, he is on "temporary assignment." His full name is Meloch Mercurius, but everyone he knows prefers Mel to biting their tongue.

Mel, also known as Meloch Mercurius, is a character in the World of Final Fantasy series, first appearing in World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo.

In the Maxima version of World of Final Fantasy, Mel can be found at the Coliseum where the player can challenge him in battle and have a chance to imprism him.

Who's Who[]

Age: Immeasurable
(Due to his alternate interpretation of time)
Notes: Incorruptible integrity / Perfect gentleman / A true cameo
Navigator of Another World
A Mirage that served a Keeper called "Player" on another world. Like Tama and Serafie, he has a long history with Enna Kros. However, due to his somewhat complicated relationship with the supreme being of the A-World, he does not appear in the forefront as much as the aforementioned two. It is said there are several other Mirages in similar circumstances.
True Form
Like Tama and Serafie, Mel possesses a transfigured form, but it is said he also possesses a Jiant form that exists in several different phases. These are said to be his "true" forms, but they are still unconfirmed and shrouded in mystery.


Once the player imprisms Mel, he remains in the player's party and is one of the few unique imprismable Mirages (the other being Gilgamesh) to carry over in a New Game+ file. Therefore, a Mel Prism does not appear in the player's Prism inventory unless the player dismisses Mel from their Prism Case (at which point, should the player reacquire Mel, his level reverts back to 1 and his Mirage Board is reset).


Base stats[]

Mirage Board spaces[]

Active Ability SP Required
Thundara 2
Raise 2
Libra 1
Thunderbolt 2
Thunderclap 4
Passive Ability SP Required
Poisontouch 3
Stat Boosts
Stat SP Required
HP+ 3
HP+ 3
HP+ 3
Strength+ 3
Strength+ 3
Magic+ 3
Magic+ 3
Agility+ 3
Agility+ 3
Agility+ 3
Evasion+ 3
Evasion+ 3
Critical+ 3
Critical+ 3
Miscellaneous Spaces
Support Ability SP Required
Zap 1
Stroll 1
Blank Space SP Required
Blank Space 2
Blank Space 2
Blank Space 2
Mirajewel SP Required
Thundara Mirajewel 3
Miscellaneous Information
SP Total SP
Mirage Board 67
Level Requirement Level
Mirage Board Mastery 50

Encounter stats[]


Location Formation
The Coliseum - Administration Desk Mel