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Meja is a character from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. She works as a waitress at the cafe owned by Dardola in the town of Lostime. Her personality comes across as shy and reserved, but her smile and kind personality make her well-known among the patrons. Meja is clumsy, frequently dropping the coffee she serves. She is the Oracle of Water, blessed by Leviathan.


Meja was born to a couple that lived in the town that would later be known as Lostime. She was fragile and weak, and would sometimes collapse. She wished that she was more like Freja and begged her parents for strength and courage. At some point, Leviathan blessed her as the Oracle of Water, and she succeeded Gale Rosage in the role.

When the Destroyer attacked Memoria, Meja fled in fear along with the other residents. When she asked Freja for the Oracle of Darkness, Meja remembered that it was the fear, suffering, and evil that strengthened the darkness. Meja realized that her fear may have caused many lives to be sacrificed, and that she should have the strength to stand up to the darkness. She, along with the other Oracles, used the Guardian Beasts' power to seal the Destroyer away, sealing Memoria from the rest of the world.

Meja's parents died at some point, most likely during the battle with the Destroyer, and Meja was left lost. Stella comforted Meja by making her signature biscuits, which always brought a smile onto Meja's face. She came to work as a waitress for Dardola's diner.

When the water of the fountain turned black and stinky, Stella asked Chocobo to deliver a bag of fresh biscuits for the cafe. When Chocobo gave them to Meja, she remembered something from her past, but the Bell of Oblivion rang and she forgot. When Chocobo brought her memories back, Meja thanked him and heard someone calling her name. She saw the fountain water was clean again, and Raffaello explained it was because she had her powers as the Oracle of Water back. Raffaello led Meja and Chocobo to Levia Point, where he summoned the Shrine of Water, which Meja recognized as Leviathan's shrine. She stood there in shock and wonder. Chocobo later returned from the shrine with an older Raffaello, and Meja went back to the cafe.

When Chocobo fought the Destroyer, Meja, Freja, and Mayor Gale watched the Floating Fortress from the clocktower piazza. Meja and Freja used their powers as the Oracles to send Chocobo their memories, Meja sending Chocobo the power to "cleanse all" from the water crystal. Shirma and Cid interrupted them, and now accompanied by Shirma, the Oracle of Light, the three Oracles sent their memories to Chocobo at the same time, giving him a great advantage.

Stella joined them, and the six watched the Floating Fortress fall apart and explode. Chocobo survived, being rescued by an airship. Meja and the others rushed over to meet Chocobo at Seaside Park, and she, along with Gale, Stella, Freja, and Cid, applauded as Shirma and Chocobo met them at the top of the stairs. They were met by Raffaello and Croma, and Meja witnessed Gale's speech and went on to continue her job at the cafe.




Meja is a kind, sweet, shy, and gentle girl. She is known as a friendly and nice waitress even among members of Lostime, such as Deet and Dardola, who thanked Chocobo for helping Meja "get her smile back" after he returned her memories. Meja did have her weaknesses, as she used to collapse frequently and she succumbed to her fear and weakness, running when the Destroyer attacked Lostime.


However, Meja is loyal, strong, and brave in her own right, as she began to gain her own courage and strength during the first battle with the Destroyer, and later helped Chocobo during his battle at the Floating Fortress by sending him her memories as the Oracle of Water, showing her loyalty towards Chocobo and her town.


Meja is voiced by Erika Harlacher in the English version of Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!.


The word meja means "table" in Indonesian and Malay language. Meja's job description is related to serving tables.