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Meeth Crym is a Lilty from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates who is the alchemy teacher for the twins Chelinka and Yuri. She lives in the same village and is a close friend to the twins' family, having known the twins ever since they were born. Because of her short stature and her method of speech, she is commonly mistaken as a child, although she is much, much older. She is a playable character in the game.



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Meeth is the alchemy teacher of the twins, and a good family friend. She served with Latov and Alhanalem under King Kolka. She is often teased by Yuri and Chelinka, followed by her almost always shouting "Don't treat me like a kiddie!" To this Yuri replies, "Me? Never", and rubs her head, a sensation that gives her great pleasure. Meeth lives with Alhanalem, and the two are close friends. She has referred to him as "The lanky middle-aged birdie man".


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Before the story began, Meeth was Aleria's handmaiden, as well as Princess Tilika's tutor, and lived at the court in Rebena Te Ra, along with Alhanalem. Both Meeth and Alhanalem held important positions at the facility in Rela Cyel and helped to oversee the evacuation of its engineers and scholars when it suffered a meltdown. She was forced to flee even though Tilika had gone missing. Later, Aleria and Latov reported that Tilika had given her life to try and stop Cu Chaspel from misusing her powers. Meeth was devastated by Tilika's death, and left Rebena Te Ra with Latov, Aleria, and Alhanalem afterward to settle in the Villa.

During this time, Latov and Aleria married and bore two children, Chelinka and Yuri. Meeth assisted in the birth, chastising Latov and Alhanalem for their panic—in particular, bopping Alhanalem over the head. Not long after that, the Villa was invaded by temple soldiers led by Cu Chaspel, and Aleria agreed to leave with him in exchange for not harming the twins.

After Aleria's departure, Meeth and Alhanalem helped Latov to raise the twins. They lived peacefully for a time, until the temple returned to abduct the twins. They killed Latov, imprisoned Alhanalem in red crystal, and rolled Meeth down the mountain in her own pot. She landed in the ruins of Rela Cyel and managed to survive there for several years, creating a cozy space for herself, but the monsters in the ruins—particularly the One Horned Fish—kept her from escaping. She was in a bad mental state when Yuri, Chelinka, and Alhanalem found her several years later, but soon snapped out of it. With her extensive knowledge of the ruins, she helped them navigate to the exit.

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Meeth uses a ladle in battle. Initially, she is best used as a support character, but at high levels she can deal a great deal of damage. Her focus attack is to get inside her pot and crash into enemies. She can later learn to stand on top of her pot if the button is held down longer, like a log-roller, for more damage.

Meeth's log-roller ability can also be used to pass through certain obstacles in the game, such as low walls and ramps. Certain floor panels also grant special abilities to Meeth's pot, for example Floating, Gliding, and also protection from stage mists which deal damage.

Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Meeth appears in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with Earth-elemental cards.


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