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Meeble is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI. They are a type of mole-like beastman found only deep underground. Their vision is very poor and they mostly rely on their keen sense of smell. They have been enslaved by the Moblins and used to dig underground tunnels.

Recently, a group of Jeuno-based researchers have taken an interest in these creatures, and have begun hiring adventurers to perform various tasks related to their research in the Meeble Burrows. Thus far, no meebles have been seen by adventurers anywhere other than the burrows or their immediate entrances.

Defeated meebles may leave behind their surprisingly sharp claws, which a master Bonecrafter may fashion into claws fit for Monks and Puppetmasters capable of lowering an enemy's Defense.

Regular Monsters[]

  • Befuddled Meeble
  • Incited Meeble
  • Meeble Augur
  • Meeble Horticulturist
  • Meeble Scribe
  • Rambunctious Meeble
  • Rapacious Meeble
  • Rowdy Meeble
  • Snarling Meeble
  • Vociferous Meeble

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Magisterial Meeble


  • Sokrov
  • Utrig
  • Vrednev
  • Wotark

Special attacks[]

In addition to their racial attacks, meebles have jobs, or rather a job: Monk. Notorious Monsters may use the Monk special job ability in addition to their other abilities.

  • Drill Claw: Single target damage, Knockback, and Max HP Down.
  • Meeble Warble: Area of effect damage, Silence status, and acts as a call for help from any nearby meebles that are not already in combat.
  • Thrashing Assault: Single target damage and Defense Down.
  • Puncturing Frenzy: Frontal area of effect damage. NMs only.