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Medics are healers, capable of restoring HP, removing status ailments, and even reviving KO'd allies.

Primers: Battle

Medic is a paradigm role in Final Fantasy XIII whose main function is to restore HP and remove status ailments making the role similar to a White Mage. Medic is symbolized with the initials MED and the color green.


While in the Medic role the character's healing abilities are boosted, and the bonus extends to other party members in a lesser degree. The amount of bonus depends on the role level.

Medic's Seal ach

Medic is a primary role for Lightning, Vanille and Hope, and a secondary role for Snow, Sazh and Fang.

The Medic's Seal achievement is earned after learning all the abilities and reaching level 5 for the Medic role of a single character. This can only be achieved after defeating the final boss to unlock Stage 10 of the Crystarium.

AI mechanicsEdit

  • When choosing a target, Medics prioritize healing the party leader's health. Healing the Sentinel is their next priority, followed by themselves, then finally other characters.
  • Medics prioritize healing depending on how low a party member's HP is. If a party member's HP bar turns red, they are given top priority. If a party member's HP bar turns yellow, they are given second priority.
  • If the Medic has Curasa, they will only cast the spell on party members whose HP is below half.
  • When raising HP on characters whose HP bars are yellow or red, they heal when their ATB bars are approximately filled to the halfway point. The only exception is if the Medic's ATB gauge is already completely filled, which may occur after a paradigm shift or if the Medic has been idle due to characters not needing healing.
  • If at least two party members have HP in the yellow zone, the Medic will use Cura. If at least two party members have HP in the red zone, the Medic will use Curaja or Cura.
  • If a character is knocked out, the Medic will cast Raise on that character, but only if the other characters have greater than 50% HP.
  • Usually the Medic only removes status ailments with Esuna when all characters' HP bars are green, but if a Medic has started using Esuna and a character's HP falls into the yellow zone, the Medic will continue using Esuna and will only restore HP once all status ailments are removed, or if the character in question falls further into the red zone. Medics always cast Esuna one at a time, even if they have at least four ATB gauge segments.
  • If all characters' HP bars are green, and are not suffering from status ailments, the Medic will use one Cure spell at a time to heal party members whose HP is not full. If all characters' HP is full, the Medic will not take action.

Role levelsEdit

The Medic's role bonus increases HP recovery. If there is more than one Medic in the paradigm, the bonus is the sum of all applicable Medic role bonuses. The role bonus is not contributed if the party member is incapacitated, and during summoning an Eidolon, only the party leader's role bonuses count.

Level Self Party
1 +20% +3%
2 +23% +3%
3 +26% +6%
4 +29% +6%
5 +32% +10%



Stock a set of commands focused on healing allies.

Ability ATB Crystarium Stage
Lightning Sazh Snow Vanille Hope Fang
Cure 1 3 7 7 1 1 7
Restore target's HP.
Restores HP to a party member.
Cura 2 8 7 9 4 5 9
Restore HP to targets in range.
Restores HP to a party member and those nearby. Area-of-effect spell.
Curasa 1 9 7 8 8
Restore HP to target proportional to amount of damage target has taken.
Restores HP to a party member. The lower the HP is, the more it will recover.
Curaja 2 8 9
Restore HP to targets in range proportional to amount of damage each has taken.
Restores HP to a party member and those nearby. Area-of-effect spell. The lower the HP is, the more it will recover.
Esuna 2 4 7 7 4 5 7
Remove target's most recently inflicted status ailment.
Removes the last suffered debuff (excluding Doom).
Raise 3 6 6 8 7
Revive an ally from KO.
Removes KO and recovers a small amount of HP.

Other abilitiesEdit

If hacked, Hand Grenade and the Potion ability are fully functional and works as intended. Hand Grenade and Potion can manually be selected from the Abilities command.

Name ATB Cost Description
Hand Grenade 2 Deal physical damage to targets in range.
Potion Battle: 1
Menu: 2
Restores a small amount of HP to all allies.


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A medic is an umbrella term for a person involved in medicine. The following fall under this term: a physician, paramedic, medical student, and sometimes a medically-trained individual participating in the role of a medic such as an emergency medical responder.


  • Medic is the only role not to have any passive abilities.
  • In Final Fantasy XIII, the recurring healing spell Curaga is exclusively used by the Eidolons to heal their respective summoners, except Hecatoncheir.
  • In the Japanese version of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Lightning knows Curasa despite not knowing the spell in Final Fantasy XIII. This is changed in the finalized versions, where Curasa is changed to Cura.
  • Both Curasa and Curaja heal only 1 HP when the characters' HP is full.
  • Curaga makes the same sound as Curasa when cast.
  • As the game progresses, Lightning's healing abilities become limited because she doesn't learn Curasa or Curaja. This is somewhat made up for with her fast spell-casting speed.
  • Because Snow learns Curasa and his casting speed surpasses even that of Lightning, this can make him a valuable Medic. He is often not considered a good Medic since he doesn't learn Raise, however.
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