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McTighe (マクタイの町, Makutai no Machi?, lit. Town of McTighe) is a location in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is a town in the Rubrum Region of Orience, and is situated near Akademeia.


FFT0 McTighe WM

McTighe on the world map.

McTighe was occupied by Milites Empire when it attacks Dominion of Rubrum. Class Zero is deployed to liberate Akademeia, impressing the dominion leadership with their prowess. After Akademeia's Agito Cadets are placed under the Central Command's jurisdiction, the class is soon deployed to McTighe as their first mission to help the dominion legions in liberating the town. The cadets storm the town and dispatch the local Imperial Troopers and their leader, Major Messna, retaking it.

The townspeople had elected to temporarily leave the mayoral seat open as a show of reverence for their former leader, but a young man nominates himself for the position, and the citizens agree to give him the spot. A dominion quaestor comes to the village to determine its worth of receiving aid from Akademeia, saying that every town needs a strong leader, especially one trying to rebuild. The young mayor had told the townsfolk he would be giving a his first mayoral speech to honor the city's recovery effort, but when the people forget about it and do no show up, he becomes dispirited. The Class Zero cadets can help by gathering the citizens to the town square. The mayor is moved by their support and gives Class Zero a l'Cie Stone as thanks.

Shop ListEdit

  • Shopkeeper: Suzaku Soldier (朱雀兵, Suzaku-hei?)
Name Effect Cost
Bronze Bangle Max HP +10% 500 gil
Copper Ring Max MP +10% 500 gil
Gauntlets Defense +10 500 gil
Bulletproof Vest Bullet Defense +5% 1000 gil
Shock Shell Impact Defense +5% 1000 gil
Teleport Stone Returns player to the World Map. 2000 gil



The cadets are deployed to McTighe as their first official mission. The objective is to defeat the local commander and liberate the town.

Task #61: Defeat 3 Lesser CoeurlsEdit

Amane tasks the class with felling Lesser Coeurls in the Corsi Cave.

Gathering the Townsfolk for the Mayor's SpeechEdit

If Class Zero talks to the mayor, the lone man sitting at the stage, they can accept a quest to gather the townspeople for his speech. The cadets must talk to the five groups of people in the square, including the shopkeeper, to make them gather at the foot of the stage. There are also three doors that need to be examined, indicated by a yellow sign, which will make its residents head out to the square as well. When all the townspeople have gathered, the mayor will stand up and give Mizu'a's Crystal as a reward.

Musical themesEdit

McTighe's background music is "Peaceful Times" (静謐な時間, Seihitsu na Jikan?), the fourteenth track on the first disc of the soundtrack. It is the standard theme that plays across all towns in Orience.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

FFAB McTighe Type-0 Special
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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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  • Upon inspecting a door the player can get a message: "(Strains of W.A Mogzart's 'Sonatina in Eb' float forth from behind the door...)" This refers to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a famous composer.
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