Marzurka is a type of song for the Bard in Final Fantasy XI. There are two Mazurka songs: Raptor Mazurka and Chocobo Mazurka. Raptor Mazurka is available at level 37 and Chocobo Mazurka at level 73. Both allow a character to run faster, covering greater distances in shorter periods of time. Mazurka does not increase a character's action speed, like Haste or March. The duration of Mazurka can be increased if a Bard is using a Harlequin's Horn when singing the song.

Mazurka cannot be used in all areas. Almost all outdoor areas and many indoor areas allow the use of Mazurka, but there are a select few dungeons where the song has no effect.

The effect of Mazurka is immediately canceled if the player casts a spell or attacks a creature or if a creature casts a spell against or attacks a player. In other words, it cannot be used in combat to run away effectively. Before a recent update, Mazurka could have been used to create an awful lot of hate, which had given rise to the somewhat dubious "Bard Tank" strategy. However, the update drastically reduced the amount of hate gained from casting Mazurka, making this tanking style ineffective.

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