Mazlaya (マズラヤ, Mazuraya?) is a landmass off the coast of Aldenard in Final Fantasy XIV.

The island of Mazlaya is situated in the southern waters of the Rothlyt Sound, directly to the east of mainland Aldenard and south of The Pearl. Little information is given about the island; Mazlaya is best known for being the home of the Dodo, a large, flightless cloudkin introduced to Aldenard by the Qiqirn. The Mazlaya Marlin, a fast-swimming fish which dwells in the Sea of Ash, is named for the island, and sea cucumbers found in the shallow waters around Mazlaya are prized as delicacies in The Far East.

A counterpart to Mazlaya exists in The First off the coast of mainland Norvrandt, but is not named on any in-game maps.

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