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Mayor of Thamasa is a non-player character in Final Fantasy VI. He is the leader of Thamasa.



The mayor uses the same sprite as other "old man" NPCs. He wears bright blue and white robes with a blue hair, and has white hair with a long beard.


The mayor is a cautious leader who tries to hide the truth of Thamasa's citizens from outsiders and harshly rebukes Strago for using magic. However, under the circumstances—saving Relm from a burning house—the Mayor acquiesces to the need to use their magic to fight the raging fire and takes part in doing so.


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The Mayor commenting on Kefka's assault on Thamasa.

Terra, Locke, and Shadow came to Thamasa looking for espers that had attacked the Gestahlian Empire. The Mayor feigned ignorance of the concept and denied knowing anything. While the three stayed the night, Relm was trapped in a burning house and her grandfather, Strago, used magic to fight the flames. The Mayor spoke against him, reminding him that magic is forbidden, but Strago ignored him and continued casting magic. Another citizen called to the Mayor, who agreed they had no choice and the town grouped together to try and fight the fire. When the fire continued to rage, Strago went inside with Terra and Locke to get Relm out.

After Kefka attacked Thamasa, the Mayor took solace in there being few causalities. In the World of Ruin, he reflected on how much the world had changed in the past year.

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