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The leader of Fisherman's Horizon. A strict pacifist. Before coming to FH, used to be a scientist conducting energy research in Esthar.

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Mayor Dobe is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy VIII. He and his wife Flo rule the aptly named fisherman's town of Fishermans Horizon, referred to as "FH" by the residents. They are determined and steadfast pacifists, who believe in resolving all issues with discussion and compromise, even when faced with certain death.

In the game's Japanese and German versions, Dobe's title is 'station master', not mayor.


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Dobe is one of FH's founders. After trying to alter the war-based course of his home-country, Esthar, he left the hi-tech state along with others who shared his mindset and built the peace-loving town Fishermans Horizon at the railway. Other members of the founders are the owner of the junk shop next to the fishing boy, and the Master Fisherman.

When Balamb Garden crashes into Fishermans Horizon, Mayor Dobe and Flo, along with their fellow FH residents, hardly appreciate the presence of SeeDs, and ask them to leave immediately. When Galbadia enters Fishermans Horizon in search of Ellone, Dobe attempts to reason with them only to be nearly killed but for the intervention of Squall. Regardless, Dobe blames SeeD for Galbadia's presence and hastens the repairs on the Garden so that the mercenaries may leave. If the player speaks with Dobe immediately after defeating BGH251F2, they can choose to have Squall express his true feelings about resolving conflict, in which he states that it would be wonderful if discussion could work all the time, but that fighting is inevitable when people refuse to listen.

If the player participates in the Master Fisherman sidequest, he will tell Squall and Irvine the town's history and Mayor Dobe's role in it. Checking the telegram in the hotel after Irvine joins Squall broadcasts Mayor Dobe's comments on the Galbadia situation: "I am concerned about this situation, but we must maintain our principles."

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Triple TriadEdit


The Quezacotl card can be won from Mayor Dobe, although it may take him a while to actually use it in a hand. The Irvine Triple Triad card can be won from Flo after having lost the Sacred card to the Queen of Cards and the queen has been sent to Dollet.


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