Template:Listen "Maybe I'm a Lion" is a battle theme from Final Fantasy VIII, composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

Game appearances

Final Fantasy VIII

"Maybe I'm a Lion" plays during the with Ultimecia's junctioned form with Griever. It is the eight track of the fourth disc of the Final Fantasy VIII: Original Soundtrack release.

Arrangement album appearances

The Black Mages II: The Skies Above

A power metal-style arrangement of "Maybe I'm a Lion" was featured on the The Black Mages' second studio album, in which translator Alexander O. Smith acts as guest "vocalist". The song's title, vocalized at its beginning, are the only lyrics in the song and were performed by Smith himself.

The track is numbered eight in the album.

Final Fantasy Remix

This album features a remix of the Black Mages' arrangement.

Live performances

LIVE "Above The Sky"

The Black Mages' "Maybe I'm a Lion" was performed at their 2005 concerts at Club Citta in Kawasaki City, Japan and Namba Hatch in Osaka City, Japan. It was the seventh song of the concert.

More Friends - Music from Final Fantasy

The Black Mages performed "Rocking Grounds" at this concert at the Gibson Amphitheater - Los Angeles, California, United States of America, in May 16th, 2005. It was the ninth song of the concert's line-up.


  • "Maybe I'm a Lion"'s title may be inspired by the English Hard Rock band Deep Purple's "Maybe I'm a Leo". The second section of "Maybe I'm A Lion" also closely resembles the arrangement of "Maybe I'm A Leo".
  • The song's intro is remarkably similar to Canadian prog band Rush's song, "YYZ".

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