Consume all ATB charges to fire a long stream of bullets at an enemy.


Maximum Fury is Barret's ability in Final Fantasy VII Remake learned from the Big Bertha Big Bertha. Barret will fire consecutively at a single enemy for a long period of time.

Maximum Fury is based on Angermax from the original Final Fantasy VII, in which it was Barret's second level 3 limit break.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Maximum Fury uses all of Barret's currently filled ATB charges, up to three if Barret uses Refocus. The more ATB charges consumed, the more damage will be dealt. At two and three ATB charges, Maximum Fury also lasts longer while dealing damage.

With a single ATB charge, Barret first 31 shots. 7 of these have an attack power of 14 and an interrupt strength of 50, while the other 24 have an attack power of 14 and an interrupt strength of 0. In total, the attack power is 338.

At two and three ATB charges, Barret fires 46 shots. Of these, 10 are more powerful, with an interrupt strength of 50, and will launch an enemy. These 10 shots have a power of 42 with two ATB charges, or 85 with three ATB charges. The remaining 36 shots have an attack power of only 10, and no special effects. In total, the attack power is 780 with two ATB charges, and 1,210 with three.

Use[edit | edit source]

Maximum Fury is an effective way to deal great sustained damage quickly, and has higher range than Barret's basic attacks. Maximum Fury deals more damage the more ATB he has, as it'll consume all his gauges. This ability truly shines when trying to dispatch multiple enemies in a quick succession, as Barret will automatically change to another enemy while firing Maximum Fury, should his primary target perishes. It is especially useful against flying enemies thanks to its tracking.

Compared to Focused Shot, Maximum Fury functions similarly in consuming Barret's current ATB gauge, but has a different function. Where Focused Shot deals burst damage and is focused on staggering an enemy, Maximum Fury is focused more towards sustained damage. Maximum Fury is better against an enemy already staggered, or one that can be defeated without staggering an enemy, whereas Focused Shot is better to build an enemy's stagger gauge.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Among survey respondents, Maximum Fury was overwhelmingly popular, with the majority of players (58%) listing at as their favorite ability. The next closest answers were Focused Shot at 13% and Catastrophe at 10%.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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