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Matoya's enthralling dances have won the hearts of the starry-eyed visitors to Gardenia, a hedonistic paradise situated in the midst of the Kaklim Desert. She is the fourth dancer of her family to take the name Matoya and, despite her flamboyant style and ravishing looks, she holds her own as one of the most reliable pillars of Gardenian society.

Official description

Matoya is a dancer who beguiles the Warriors of Darkness in Final Fantasy Dimensions. Pursued by her many admirers, she takes notice of Nacht and his party, leaving them a mysterious poem about the Desert Moon.



Wow, she really is 118?! I gotta get some of her face cream!

Alba talking about Matoya

Matoya has the appearance of a beautiful young woman, capturing the attention of many with her seductive dancing and scantily-clad dancer attire, despite being over 100 years old. She adorns her head with a flower tiara and uses her black hair to conceal her right eye.


Despite her young appearance, she has the maturity and wisdom of a person beyond her years. She retains a snarky quality and entertains the Warriors of Darkness with her calculated charm and wit.


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Matoya initially appears at the game's prologue, featured in the string of brief cutscenes following the defeat of Sol's party at the hands of the Watchbeast. She is in the Gardenia Pub, interrupting her dance and storming out when she senses something.

A Dance with Death[]

Matoya dances the night away at the Gardenia Pub, enchanting her audience with her sublime dance while noticing a masked man watching her performance. Following the show's aftermath Matoya drinks in solace at the bar, and is approached by the masked man with a request.

Matoya meets the Warriors of Darkness when they enter the Gardenia Pub and watch her perform. Afterward, she is confronted by the party who ask her about the Desert Moon resistance. She denies any affiliation with such a group and leaves the party with mysterious parting words, of which she intends as a test of their resolve to find the resistance. Matoya meets the Warriors of Darkness again following their completion of several minute tasks, and after speaking with Azhar, Desert Moon's right-hand man. She brings the party into her dressing room to reveal herself as the Desert Moon leader, and to inform them of the Avalonian Empire's machinations within an Imperial Forward Camp located to the north of Gardenia. She tasks them with the mission of infiltrating the camp and disrupting whatever it is the Empire intend to do, and the party sets off.

Matoya rejoins the party when they decimate of the forces within the Imperial Camp. Much to her chagrin, Matoya realizes their folly of invading a half-populated camp, stating that Gardenia is in danger. Matoya and the Warriors of Darkness hurry back to the Gardenian Slums which have been occupied by the Imperial soldiers. She advises the party to take a secret passageway within her dressing room to assess the status of the Desert Moon hideout. Upon arriving at the hideout they are confronted by Imperial soldiers. The pub owner reveals he betrayed the resistance to the Empire and engages the party in battle. After routing the betrayer, Matoya finds a heavily-wounded Azhar who reveals Matoya is his mother, which she denies, as she mentions the beauty of his real mother. Azhar passes away while she swears revenge against the Empire, with the Warriors of Darkness hoping to aid her in following through with that objective.

Matoya performs her dance for the Warriors of Darkness.

Matoya accompanies the party to the Underground Fort, where they encounter one of the Four Generals, Asmodai, who recounts his relationship with Matoya from a hundred years ago. He fights Matoya and the Warriors of Darkness, nearly defeating them, until Matoya reveals her crystal eye, which renders Asmodai's special ability useless, and allows the party to eliminate him. Following Asmodai's death, Matoya thanks the party for their assistance and reveals her crystal eye was a crystal which had kept her from aging for the last hundred years. She "lends" her crystal to the party, hoping it might help them in upcoming battles against the Avalonian Empire. After bathing within the crystal's light and absorbing its power, Alba questions how Matoya has not turned into an old hag, much to the annoyance of Matoya who states it only stopped her from aging rather than accumulating the years.

Following their victory at the destruction of Desert Moon, Matoya instructs the Warriors of Darkness to seek the Fuga Ninja Clan as they are a force to be trusted in order to stand against the Avalonian Empire. Matoya later appears near the end of the game where she is seen with Bikke and his Pirate Crew fighting the invasion of Nil after Elgo loses control of it. While the pirates are easily defeated Matoya reveals she has also recruited the Fuga Clan to battle the menace and is later aided by Gawain and Jinnai when Nil attacks them. She later appears in spirit to hold Chaos Elgo back aiding the Warriors of Light and Darkness defeat him.

After the game Matoya reasummes her duties as a dancer while commanding the new Desert Moon with the Fuga Clan on its ranks, with the goal of destroying monsters to maintain peace.

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Sense Weakness.

Matoya is a Dancer with below average stats, but compensated for this as she has the ability to weaken the enemies. As a Dancer, she supports the party with various dances that aid and cure them or hinder and harm their enemies. Matoya has the unique Third Eye battle command, which induces the Sense Weakness and Crystal Eye abilities. These abilities render the enemy vulnerable to greater damage.

Starting stats[]

Stat Growth
Lv 40
EXP 219480
TNL 21621
HP 1504
MP 278
STR 19
SPD 35
VIT 21
INT 25
MND 19

Stat growth[]

Stat Growth


Her abilities consist of Cure Waltz, Drain Samba, Osmose Dance, Frailty Polka, Heal Waltz, and Slow Minuet.

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Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

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Matoya appears on a card.