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Tceles Nottub Hsad. Swish-swish-aroo!

Matoya's brooms

Matoya's Cave is a location in the original Final Fantasy. It is the abode of the witch Matoya, and is located northeast of Cornelia. Matoya is not the sole inhabitant; a number of self-animated brooms also dwell here. They sweep the floors ceaselessly, and if the player attempts to converse with them, they will chant a short song, which is an inverted hint at the button input needed to access the world map.

After defeating Astos, the Warriors of Light receive Matoya's missing eye. Matoya rewards them with a Jolt Tonic for finding her eye, but decides the party is too ugly to keep around.

Musical themes[]

Matoya's Cave has an eponymous theme, which plays in several other locations of the game as well.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

The Wonder of Matoya's Cave.

One of the Wonders discovered in a Errand is Matoya's Cave. Its description is:

The cave where the magician Matoya who served the ancient kingdom of Ronka lived. She was well liked by the people, but after creating a demon, she was feared as a sorcerer.

In the PlayStation version, Matoya was mistranslated as being a man; this was corrected in the War of the Lions version.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

North Sanctuary Gateway.

Matoya's Cave has an equivalent location in World B, the North Sanctuary Gateway. It is most notably where the player begins the Prologue of Treachery of the Gods, the first storyline of the game. Chapter 5 of Treachery of the Gods and Chapter 1 of Light to All also begin here.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

Matoya's Cave in an FMS.

Matoya's Cave appears as the background of the FMS for its titular theme. Unlike the generic cave background used for the DLC track in Theatrhythm, this background more closely resembles the cave, and even features animated brooms sweeping in the background.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Matoya's Cave appears in the main story questline. She is the master of Y'shtola who helps the player devise a way to break through an Allagan barrier with Cid's help.