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Mastering Fort Condor is a Discovery quest in Chapter 1, "Wutai's Finest", of "Episode INTERmission" in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Yuffie Kisaragi learns to play the tabletop game Fort Condor from Polk. After this, interested in the prize money, she battles many other players throughout the Sector 7 slums before facing the grandmaster.


After winning the first game against Polk, a variety of other Fort Condor players can be challenged. As Yuffie has more units than just from the starter kit, the loadout can be edited, and the board can be changed to allow for more units and more ATB.

By winning battles, coins are earned that can be traded with the Old Snapper for better units. Items and materia can be purchased from the Junk Shop (located behind Seventh Heaven), and more become available in-between events. A Riot Trooper Barracks (Defense) unit can be found in a treasure chest in the southeast corner of the Residential Area, and Monodrive (Ranged) can be found in Talagger Factory under a graffiti of Stamp.

Ensure there is a good mix of lower-tier units costing 2 ATB and higher-tier units costing 3 ATB to have all bases covered, as well as a mix of all three unit types, even if leaning heavily towards one unit type for a particular opponent. Many times, the battle won't be won by destroying the enemy's bases, but by having dealt more damage before the timer ends.

Shinra Middle Manager

Johnny (top), Kyrie (middle), and Shinra Middle Manager (bottom).

Before fighting the grandmaster, there are several Rank 1 players:

  • Johnny, found in a street in the center of the Sector 7 Slums Residential Area. Johnny tends to deploy defense units, meaning a loadout of mostly ranged units is ideal.
  • Kyrie, found in the northwest end of the Residential Area, between Stargazer Heights and Seventh Heaven. Kyrie tends to deploy vanguard units, making defense units ideal. Though she mentions charging gil in dialogue, no gil is paid to her.
  • The Shinra Middle Manager, located in the northeast end of the Residential Area. He deploys mostly ranged units, meaning a loadout of primarily vanguard units is deal.

After besting all three, the one the player defeated last gives their board to Yuffie, and the others can be bought from Old Snapper in exchange for Condor Coins (he also offers new units).


Jessie (top) and Roche (bottom).

Rank 2 players become available:

  • Jessie, found outside Seventh Heaven. Jessie has a mix of mostly ranged and defense units. This means a mix of vanguard and ranged units should be used to counter her, ensuring that there is a good mix. An edge can be given to vanguard units, especially against the barracks she uses.
  • Roche, found in the Pillar Plaza. Roche has a mix of ranged and vanguard units, making a mix of defense and vanguard units best against him, leaning more towards defense. It is still ideal to have at least one ranged unit against the M.O.T.H. Unit, a defense unit that he can deploy, though Magic Attacks can also help deal with it. A good strategy is to use a defense barracks against him early, ensure a stream of defense units to attack him.

Once both are beaten, the one whom Yuffie bested last gives out the other one's board (Roche gives Jessie's board and Jessie gives Roche's board; this may be a small programming oversight). The other board is then available from Old Snapper in exchange for Condor Coins, and he also offers some more units.

Wedge from FFVII Remake INTERmission.png

A single Rank 3 player, Wedge, is available, found in the southeast end of the Residential Area. Wedge has an even spread of units, including many more powerful, higher-ATB units. A good strategy is to use barracks against him and overwhelm him with smaller units that counter his, ensuring that a mix is deployed to counter his units.

With Wedge defeated, Battalion Board III, along with the grandmaster, Chadley, are available. Before fighting Chadley, it is ideal to buy more powerful units from the Old Snapper: Helicopter (Defense), Slug-Ray Facility (Ranged), and Sentry Gun (Defense) are particularly strong units, while the M.O.T.H. Unit and Officer Barracks can be purchased from the Junk Shop.

Chadley in FFVII Remake INTERmission.png

Chadley mostly deploys barracks of small units in an attempt to overwhelm Yuffie, as well as flying units that can be missed. It is important therefore to avoid using melee units. Instead, Helicopters, Slug-Ray Facilities, Grenadier Barracks, and Helitroopers are sufficient in combating, and eventually overwhelming, Chadley's units.

This quest doesn't need to be completed until the end of the chapter, and some chests throughout the Sector 7 Slums contain more Fort Condor-related items, especially within the Shipping Facility. As such, if the later foes prove too challenging, consider progressing the story a bit to get those last few boards and pieces first.

One quick-win strategy that works in many if not all matches is to use Johnny's Sorcerer Board II as it has three attack spells, and unleash them all onto the opponent's headquarters, leaving it with only a sliver of health. The player can then deploy a Guard Dog that beelines to the opponent's towers, and then deploy units right in front of the enemy's HQ to quickly win, all the while ignoring what the enemy is doing apart from deploying the Guard Dog from the side the opponent left clear.

Hard mode tips[]

In hard mode, destroyed outposts do not count as a victory, and all opponents are level 5. At level 5, they gave better boards with more complete sets of units. This means it is important to employ a similarly versatile, broad set of units against all, especially making use of barracks.

Beating all opponents in hard mode is crucial, as each drop books that provide SP for weapons for both Yuffie and Sonon.

Before facing the grandmaster, it is crucial to have a board that has a level 3 speed. The Grandmaster Board is one such board, and can be purchased from Old Snapper, though the Assassin Board III can be obtained during "Main Pillar Maintenance", and has fewer limitations on units that can be placed. As such, it may be best to visit the grandmaster before completing the chapter.

One strategy against the grandmaster is, using the Assassin Board III, place down large units early—such as Sweeper, Cutter, or Helicopter—and have them rush to the enemy's outpost on the right before the enemy can mount a counterattack. In the meantime, placing factories, such as Riot Barracks and Slug-Ray Facilities, against the outpost on the left can allow the left outpost to be destroyed while the enemy is preoccupied with the right. Finally, having large units rush the main base with both outposts can win the match.

An alternate strategy using the Grandmaster Board involves the use of two basic units: a Guard Dog and a Slug-Ray. The Guard Dog will always rush the objective, while a Slug-Ray provides backup. Alternating between both units using the Grandmaster Board's speed allows a player to rush both outposts and finally the base, thus overwhelming the grandmaster early.