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Master of Fate was a quick-play single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

New featuresEdit

Master of Fate introduced the following features:

  • Burst Mode Junction: When a Burst Soul Break is executed with a Junction ability embedded into its Burst Mode, the ability junctioned will be enhanced and/or modified for as long as the Soul Break is in play. Continuing to use a junctionable ability will raise the calling Hero's Junction Level by one for the duration of the break, which may be repeated up to the ability's set maximum level.


Squall and his companions are transported to the past to meet Laguna Loire and his company of soldiers, who fought in the Sorceress War.

His complete story was the subject of the earlier event A Meeting Beyond Time.


Musical themesEdit

"The Man with the Machine Gun" was the principal track for this event, as well as the battle theme for the normal dungeons throughout the event.


  • This event had two one-round battles in the standard track of the event.


  • This event was the first event of 2017 to have a target score other than "defeat a boss without being KO'd" as the primary condition for mastery.

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