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A kitchen knife... Wonder if it’s a culinary battle he wants.


Master Tonberry is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought during the hunt The Tragic Facts, the main quest World of Ruin, and in the Steyliff Grove maze. They are daemons.

A Lv.30 master tonberry fights in the All-Star Monster Mayhem league of Totomostro at night with a team name Crime and Punishment.


A variant of the encloaked butcher daemon. The first sighted specimen appeared in Altissia, but its development was passed off as an aberrant anomaly. As the daylight hours waned, these aberrations increased in frequency, enough so that the breed is now recognized.
Size: 3.01 ft. Weight: 156.0 lb.
A leader among tonberry enclaves that congregate in Steyliff Grove. Many have been dispatched to research the proliferation of tonberries in the grove, but few have made it out with findings.
Size: 3.11 ft. Weight: 157.8 lb.


The Tragic FactsAltissia1
Red Hunt Icon
Master Tonberry x1Altissia (Nighttime)418,360 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★





Master tonberries behave much like regular tonberries, in that they pop out from nowhere to ambush the player. They rush to physically stab and interrupt the player and use a magical fire-elemental lantern wisp capable of inflicting Burnt status. Master tonberries can extend daemonic energy from their knives and rush in with a combo of their own. They are weak to greatswords and ice.

Tonberries switch between aggressive and passive modes. In the latter, they charge away from the player.


Master tonberries require patience along with the alertness needed with regular tonberries. As they are practically invincible during their daemon energy knife attack, fighting them in close groups is risky.

Master Tonberry in Steyliff Grove Menace in FFXV

When tonberries are in aggressive mode it's best to defend and watch for parry prompts and use Techniques when they become available. The player can simply hold the defense button and replenish MP with items when it runs low (or point-warp or use a Magitek Booster). Using royal arms for parries does not drain HP. When the tonberries charge and the player parries, they will keep charging 5 or 6 times in a row, so it is best to not go on the offensive when they are aggressive. When tonberries are in passive mode, the player can get in blindside strikes made even better if the party has Friendship Bands equipped for blindside links (the player can swap to a greatsword for this for a chance of an especially powerful blindside link).

The player can space out and use warp-strikes on the tonberries to avoid getting them close together. The player can also use Blizzard magic to groups of them, and Ignis's Enhancement Technique, if available, to bestow Noctis's weapon with the element the tonberries are weak against.

Character-swapping to Gladiolus can work well, if the player waits to fill up the rage by only using counters, and then uses Glaive Arts.

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