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Everybody's favorite fuzzball with the funny way of talking, kupo. But don't mistake this particular pom-pom-parader for your average moogle. A unique soul that belongs to Mog from the main story.
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Master Moogle is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy. He can only be fought in the The Coliseum in the battle "The Cranberry Knights".


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The ColiseumEdit

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Location Formation
The Coliseum - The Cranberry Knights Master Moogle

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The moogle's Japanese name, Mōguri (モーグリ), is a portmanteau of the words for mole (土竜, mogura?) and bat (蝙蝠, kōmori?). "Moogle" is the localized version of Mōguri, losing the pun, though "moogle" has started to appear in Japanese sources as well.

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