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The martial arts of the master monk are without equal.


Master Monk is a bangaa job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift and an upgrade of the White Monk job.


Master Monk's main skillset is Martial Arts, and it can perform various up-front actions, such as bypassing an enemy's counterattack with Cross-counter while dealing massive damage and attacking twice in one turn with Pummel. Although Master Monks can wield poles, their attack is superior when bare-handed (with the exception of the weapon Whale Whisker, which will raise Attack by 17), comparable to that of Gladiators, Snipers or Dragoons.

Their healing abilities surpass those of White Monks making them ideal front line fighters, especially since they can equip two shields with the Shieldbearer passive ability, which when coupled with their naturally high Evasion can mean they evade half of all hits against them. Their Attack power is stronger when not equipped with weapons. A downside is that they do not have a good ranged game, as they have only two ranged attacks, one with 50% Accuracy at best and the other stands two squares in front of them. Thus they are often paired with White Monk as a secondary job.


Martial Arts[]

MASTER MONKS use these age old attacks to deal debilitating blows with their fists.

Skill Equipment Effect AP
Pummel Eight-Fluted Pole Attack the target with two consecutive punches. 300
Dark Fist Battle Bamboo Sacrifices HP to deal a blindingly fast attack that pierces its target. 300
Withering Strike Gokuu Pole An attack that deals damage based on the user's current HP. The lower the HP, the greater the damage. 400
Lifebane Esztam Baton Strike at the target's vitals. Has a chance to DOOM the target. 400
Holy Strike Sanjiegun Focus the wrath of the gods into a powerful strike. Deals holy damage. 350
Cross-counter Fanatic Use the target's own Counter ability to deal massive damage. 350
Inner Focus Tonfa Manipulate the user's ki to rid the body of the impurities. Restores HP and removes debuffs. 300
Rend Armor Cypress Pole A powerful attack with a chance to destroy the target's armor. 350


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Blink Counter Bone Armlets Counter attack and knock back the attacker after being the target of an offensive action. 250


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Unscarred Judicer's Coat Raises ATTACK, DEFENSE, MAGICK, and RESISTANCE when the user has full HP. 150

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Master Monk appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Earth-elemental Forward cards.