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Equips all magic


Single slot. Master Magic is a Magic Materia in Final Fantasy VII that provides all 21 Magic spells when equipped. It provides no changes to stats, and cannot grow with AP.


There are two ways to obtain Master Magic. At Cosmo Canyon, the player can bring one copy of each mastered Magic Materia to the Green Huge Materia to combine them; the player loses the individual mastered Materia, but gains the Master Magic Materia. Another way to obtain it is to trade it for the Earth Harp (earned from defeating the Emerald Weapon) in Kalm with the Kalm traveler.

Master Magic cannot itself be mastered, but the player can get more of them by bringing a new set of mastered Magic Materia to the green Huge Materia in Bugenhagen's planetarium.


Master Magic provides the user with every possible Magic spell. This is not possible without equipping Master Magic, as a character cannot have enough Materia slots to equip all Magic spells. Linking Master Magic to a Support Materia will provide the benefits to any applicable spell, although some spells remain incompatible with All. However, effects such as HP Absorb, MP Absorb, and Steal as well will still apply, meaning they can linked with Master Magic while Mega All can apply the effect of All.

Equipping Master Magic incurs no stat changes. It does not provide any boosts to the Magic stat or MP, but also does not penalize HP or Strength. By the time Master Magic is obtained, however, the characters should have a high Magic stat regardless.

As Master Magic comes with no stat penalties and saves a huge amount of Materia slots, it is useful to equip on any character. Characters with high Magic and MP stats that can benefit from it include Cloud, Red XIII, Yuffie, Cait Sith, and Vincent. However, it can also be used on characters that are more focused on physical damage, such as Tifa and Cid, without taking many slots from them, and can even be linked with the Added Cut Materia to also take advantage of physical damage. It is not so useful when equipped on Barret, however, as his ultimate weapon Missing Score deals damage based on equipped AP, for which Master Magic can have none.