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The Master's Scroll bug is a bug in Final Fantasy VI that involves the Master's Scroll relic. When equipped, the Master's Scroll allows the character to attack four random targets at half damage each time when using the Attack command; however, certain weapons have special damage algorithms that ignore this penalty:

  • The Dice and Fixed Dice ignore the penalty, due to being based solely on the user's level and randomly-generated numbers.
  • The Ultima Weapon does not ignore the half damage penalty.
  • The Valiant Knife does not ignore the half damage penalty; however, the special effect of the weapon, which deals damage equal to the user's current HP subtracted from their max HP, is unaffected due to it being added in after the damage penalty.
  • There is a glitch involving using the Master's Scroll with the Mug command; after having Locke use Mug while equipped with the Master's Scroll (or any character using the Thief's Knife), the first item stolen will always be stolen, but any items that would be stolen afterward will not be added to the player's inventory (unless the monster is alone). Any items stolen after the first item cannot be stolen again under any circumstances, meaning that some items are lost, as the first successful steal will count as a successful steal for any other enemies the unit targets during the attack, only the items are never obtained.

Weapons not affected by the bug are Kazekiri, Hawkeye, and Sniper.