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The Masked Carnivale is a single-player activity from Final Fantasy XIV focused on the Blue Mage limited job, added with Patch 4.5. It is located in Ul'dah, and it's unlocked after completing the level 50 job quest "The Real Folk Blues".

Its function is similar to the colosseums from previous games, in which the player can enter to fight in challenges. Unlike the main content of the game, the enemies at the Masked Carnivale have resistances and weaknesses to certain skills or elements, requiring a strategic preparation for the player to avoid their attacks and defeat them.

Currently there are 31 stages at the Masked Carnivale, though only the 25th ("Dirty Rotten Azulmagia"), the 30th ("The Catch of the Siegfried") and the 31st ("Anything Gogo's") are required to complete the Blue Mage's final job quests.

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List of stages[]

Stage Acts Enemies
All's Well That Starts Well 1 Arena Slime, Arena Dullahan
Much Ado About Pudding 2 Arena Pudding, Arena Marshmallow, Arena Bavarois, Arena Gelato, Arena Flan, Arena Licorice
Waiting for Golem 1 Zipacna
Gentlemen Prefer Swords 2 Arena Bat, Arena Wolf, Kreios
The Threepenny Turtles 1 Brotherly Gil Turtle
Eye Society 2 Arena Catoblepas, Arena Mandragora, Arena Eye
A Chorus Slime 3 Lava Slime, Ice Sprite, Gladiatorial Node
The Bomb-edy of Errors 2 Arena Snoll, Arena Bomb, Arena Progenitrix, Arena Cherry Bomb
To Kill a Mockingslime 1 Guimauve
A Little Knight Music 1 Crom Dubh
Some Like It Excruciatingly Hot 2 Arena Gas Bomb
The Plant-om of the Opera 2 Arena Roselet, Hydnora
Beauty and a Beast 2 Arena Haagenti, Arena Vodoriga, Carmilla
Blobs in the Woods 2 Arena Jam
The Me Nobody Nodes 1 Bestial Node
Sunset Bull-evard 2 Arena Cyclops, Tikbalang
The Sword of Music 2 Right Claw, Left Claw, Kreios
Midsummer Night's Explosion 2 Arena Manticore, Firesand Keg
On a Clear Day You Can Smell Forever 2 Reflective Rebekkah
Miss Typhon 3 Typhon, Ultros
Chimera on a Hot Tin Roof 2 Arena Imp, Apademak
Here Comes the Boom 2 Arena Grenade, The Forefather
Behemoths and Broomsticks 1 Kronprinz Behemoth
Amazing Technicolor Pit Fiends 3 Arena Viking, Arena Magus, Arena Scribe, Epilogi
Dirty Rotten Azulmagia 3 Azulmagia
Papa Mia 2 Arena Mirrorknight, Papa Humbaba
Lock up Your Snorters 1 Typhon
Dangerous When Dead 1 Durinn
Red, Fraught, and Blue 2 Shikigami of the Pyre, Shikigami of the Undertow
The Catch of the Siegfried 3 Siegfried
Anything Gogo's 2 Gogo


  • The Masked Carnivale's HUD is similar to the ones from classic Final Fantasy games, showing a blue notification infobox with white text.