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The Masamune is based on a Japanese sword that is two-handed and was usually seen being carried by foot soldiers to be used in a fight with cavalry soldiers. The Masamune is only used for outdoor battlefields because the [[:https://swordskingdom.com/buster-sword-43-5-masamune-sephiroth-sword-68|length of the sword]] makes it difficult for it to be used indoors. When not being used in a fight, the sword is slug across the back to portray its status and the fact that
wielding this sword requires more strength than wielding a normal katana.{{disambig}}

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

The Masamune is named after Masamune Okazaki, a legendary Japanese blacksmiths of the Kamakura Era employed under the Kamakura Shogunate. He was famous for his forging process of soshu kitae and nijuba, the strongest method for the body of katana, layering different consistencies of carbon steel for tensile composition and in such a way they were forged twice, and cultivating the aesthetics of katana through having refined and merged traits of quality with those of beauty.

His works were often compared to those of Muramasa, though always the better of the two. According to legend, the two swordsmiths set a sword of their making into a nearby stream as contest to see who made the better sword, with Masamune's blade said to have ignored all things that came near it. Though Muramasa belittled Masamune, a monk came to be the final judge and praised Masamune's swords for having benevolence. From this tale, Masamunes are said to be the marks of an internal peaceful and calm warrior, the opposite of Muramasas.

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