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Masafumi Miyamoto (宮本 雅史, Miyamoto Masafumi?), born 1957, was the founder and former president of Square Co., Ltd., having established the company in 1983 as a subsidiary of Denyuusha Electric Company which was owned by his father.

Though all of his original staff were actually part-time university students, two of his employees, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Hiromichi Tanaka, would later drop out of school to work for him full-time. Together, the team helped create the very first Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System, with Miyamoto himself serving as executive producer on many of the series' early titles.

After completing work on the RPG Romancing SaGa, Miyamoto left Square in 1992 to pursue other interests, with his position being filled by Tetsuo Mizuno. Despite his departure, he still owned majority share in the company, and personally approved the merger between Square and Enix in 2003.


Game Miyamoto's Credit(s)
Final Fantasy II Producer
Final Fantasy III Producer
Final Fantasy IV Producer

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