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Greetin's, ladies and gentlemen! The name's Martyn, and today I present to you a wonder of the New World. I call it “blue magic”!

Martyn introducing Blue Magic
Martyn is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV. He is the Blue Mage mentor and introduces the player character to blue magic.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Martyn is a male Midlander hyur with dark blue hair and yellow eyes. He wears a blue bilaud outfit when he is first met. When he is on stage he wears the Magus artifact gear, and when he is out and about he wears a blue shirt with striped pants. He wields The Spirit of the Whalaqee in battle.

Personality Edit

Martyn tends to keep secrets about his life and the reasons for his motivations.
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Story Edit

Early life Edit

Martyn studied foreign magic at the arcanists guild in Limsa and traveled to the new world to visit the Whalaqee that reside in Lapis Canyon. When he returned blue magic was considered impractical and the research funds were cut.[1] Martyn tried again, this time using his own funds and put himself in debt. On his second trip the Whalaqee people were sick with a Eorzean illness that can only be cured with a medicine extracted from a dream flower, although the flower can be used to create the illegal drug somnus. [2] Looking for a way to make enough money to pay back his debts and save the Whalaqee, Martyn sells blue mage soul crystals, and equipment.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

Over time adventurers claim to have been ripped off by Martyn and a yellow jacket enlists the aid of the Warrior of Light to assist in investigating. They arrive just in time to witness Martyn pitch his wares, only to be interrupted by two mamool ja that are fended off with blue magic. The adventurers are convinced and buy all of Martyns wares, but the yellow jacket isn't and follows him only to find that the mamool ja were in on it. The yellow jacket and the Warrior of Light attempt to arrest him but he says that the spells are legitimate and the Warrior of Light tests it out after defeating a baby kraken. Proving his claims, the yellow jacket still doesn't want him selling anything for the magic being unreliable and putting people in dangerous situations. An entrepreneur by the name of Royse approaches Martyn with an offer to entertain the mass with blue magic in Ul'dah and assist the Warrior of Light in learning the art.

After the Warrior of Light learns more abilities, Martyn takes them out to "train" but in actuality he uses them to complete odd jobs for extra coin. He meets with some debt collectors to pay his original debt, and is robbed of his clothing because of interest. Over time Royse notices his sketchy dealings with others, and investigates with the Warrior of Light and discover that he is buying dream flowers. Royse believes he has a somnus addiction, but he reveals that he buys the flowers to save the Whalaqee from a sickness. Royse believes his story and connects him with other people that can provide dream flowers to cure the sickness.

References Edit

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