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Martinet is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is a security drone used by the Militesi Empire appearing in the missions from third chapter onwards.


Enemy CompendiumEdit

Loosely modeled after the imposing imperial dreadnoughts, this compact battle droid was designed to emulate the offensive capabilities of a human soldier at a fourth of the cost of outfitting a single trooper. However, although the Martinet's firepower proved more than sufficient, its mobility and AI left much to be desired--perhaps in part because it was built from secondhand parts. Thus, the Type-37 Automated Battle Droid was relegated to a supporting role in the imperial fleet, deployed en masse to potential hotspots in order to preemptively wear down enemies before they engaged the main forces.


Martinet enemies will attack the party with machine guns.


Martinet are easy to deal with, as they have no resistance to Killsight and very low defense and HP.


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