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I serve primarily as liaison 'twixt the Bozjan Resistance and our allies. I'll not deny there is still much for me to learn, but I will do everything within my power to see Bozja free of the Empire. If that should mean my life, then so be it.

Marsak explaining his duties

Marsak Apella also known as Marsak the Stalwart is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is a member of the Bozjan Resistance during the Save the Queen questline in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion.


Early life[]

Marsak was a conscript in the imperial army. His duties often took him far from home, and he was thus spared the fate of his parents and siblings when destruction visited Bozja Citadel. Following the tragedy, he escaped the military to join the Resistance, and now serves as Bajsaljen’s right-hand man.

In addition to attending to the Resistance leader, Marsak is responsible for procuring funds and supplies, as well as the training of recruits. Where the warm-natured Hrothgar truly shines, however, is in his capacity as a liaison with outside allies such as Hien of Doma or the East Aldenard Trading Company, contacts with whom he has built a trustworthy reputation.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Due to Emperor Varis' death, the empire went into disarray, that has allowed resistance groups to rise up and fight back. However, the Bozjan Resistance did not have enough resources and asked Doma for assistance. Hien introduces the Warrior of Light to Marsak. Marsak says the resistance intends to reforge the weapons belonging to Gunnhildr's Blades, the legendary guard of Queen Gunnhildr who ruled Bozja in the Third Astral Era. Once the Warrior of Light agreed to help, Marsak accompanied him to the resistance headquarters in Gangos. The key to the weapons completion is a holy inscription engraved upon them but any traces of which were lost when Bozja Citadel fell many years ago. For this the Warrior of Light and Mikoto use the power of the echo to enter Cid Garlond's memories and retrieve inscriptions of the blades.

The rebirth of Gunnhildr's Blades made the battle turn in favor for the Resistance on the Bozjan Southern Front. Once Misija turns out to be a traitor and takes Mikoto hostage, the resistance battles their way through Castrum Lacus Litore to push the garleans back and rescue her. After the Battle, Misija appears with Mikoto, the crystal focus, and the legendary Save the Queen blade. Using Mikoto as a hostage, Misija orders the Warrior of Light to use the Echo on the crystal to explore the memories of the sacred blade. Thus Misija changes the memories of Save the Queen, allowing her to summon Queen Gunnhildr as a primal and temper the minds of Gunnhildr's Blades. The Warrior of Light manages to protect Bajsaljen and Marsak from being tempered and with the help of Bwagi the Resistance manages to retreat from the castrum.

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Marsak is a Hrothgar from the lost tribe, he has black fur, yellow eyes, and blue hair that has a few strands braided. He wears nophica green alliance armor of fending and an outsiders circlet on his forehead, and in battle he wields the Molybdenum Gunblade.


Marsak is determined to do anything to free Bozja from the grip of the empire, even willing to die for his homeland. He believes that not all Garleans are monsters and doesn't share the same animosity as his comrades. He keeps that fact about himself a secret as he believes the others would think of him as a traitor.


Marak using Vanguard on a player.

Marsak appears in the The Bozjan Southern Front The Bozjan Southern Front as an NPC who assists in skirmishes and in the raid on Castrum Lacus Litore Castrum Lacus Litore. He fights with typical Gunbreaker abilities and uses Vanguard which is similar to Paladin's Cover, where he takes any damage his target takes for a small duration.


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