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In Final Fantasy XI, players may choose to marry a member of the opposite gender, racial differences are irrelevant and interracial couples are not uncommon.

In order to be married the bride and groom must have at least one job at level 20 and contact one of the Wedding Masters in the three nations; Pompi-Rompi in Windurst, Cloud Walker in Bastok, and Rambard in San d'Oria. A wedding may have 3 to 36 invited witnesses, maybe more depending on the venue.

Wedding Services[]


Wedding service fees vary with the size of the ceremony.

Small ceremony (3 to 10 people) - 20000 gil
Medium ceremony (11 to 18 people) - 30000 gil
Large ceremony (19 to 36 people) - 80000 gil
Jeuno (20 people) - 80000 gil


Windurstian Style

Windurstian Wedding Ceremony Procedures
Windurstian weddings are based on a traditional Tarutaru ceremony created by the first Star Sibyl. A Sibyl Celebrant presides over the ceremony in the Star Sibyl's place. This is an excellent choice for those who want a cheerful ceremony. The bride and groom must each prepare an offering of food beforehand.

San d'Orian Style

San d’Orian Wedding Ceremony Procedures
In a traditional San d'Orian wedding, the bride and groom swear lifelong loyalty to each other before the Goddess Altana. A Temple Knight presides over this solemn ceremony. The bride and groom must bring their weapons to the ceremony for their vows.

Bastokan Style

Bastokan Wedding Ceremony Procedures
Registrars from the Department of Industry preside over these informal and relaxed ceremonies. The bride, groom, and chaperone join in a toast with drinks provided by the President.


Weddings Items



(10 Guests, 20,000 Gil)

The first location is the pride of Bastok and the birthplace of much of our advanced technology, the Metalworks. Chief Engineer Cid has generously allowed the small room enshrined with a statue of the Goddess to be used for wedding ceremonies.
While certainly not the most spacious location for your special day, for a small ceremony with only those closest to you, it is unsurpassed. The memories created in the flickering candlelight of the altar will last a lifetime.

Port Bastok
(36 Guests, 80,000 Gil)

This corner of the wharf faces the Dalha River where it empties into the sea. Airships and the drawbridge provide a continuous change of scenery that will keep wedding guests entertained.

Morhen Lighthouse
(36 Guests, 80,000 Gil)

This old lighthouse was built on a cliff overlooking the Sea of Zafmlug. It offers a marvelous view of the sea below.

San d'Oria[]

Count Caffaule's Manor (Indoors)
(10 Guests, 20,000 Gil)
Count Caffaule's Manor (Outdoors)
(36 Guests, 80,000 Gil)

The widow of Count Caffaule, the pious Hinaree, has generously offered her mansion for the celebration of nuptials. The main hall of the manor is available for a small, dignified ceremony with only the dearest of friends in attendance. Should you desire the presence of many compatriots and allies, you can request to hold your ceremony in the spacious front garden of the estate.

Chateau d'Oraguille
(18 Guests, 30,000 Gil)

One location that meets all of the church's requirements is the Central Garden of Chateau d'Oraguille. While the garden is in principle closed even to our own citizens, adventurers are permitted entrance. To have your holy wedding ceremony here is among the highest and most enduring of honors. You must have the royal family's permission to hold a ceremony here. San d'Orians must have a minimum rank of 2, and others must have a minimum rank of 3.


(10 Guests, 20,000 Gil)

The Orastery is the largest of Windurst's five ministries. From its balcony, one can see the ocean stretching away to the horizon, making it a prime spot for pictures.

(18 Guests, 30,000 Gil)

The Rhinostery is one of the five ministries of Windurst. A platform extends from the building out into a lake. The fluoro flora growing around the lake bring a mystical glow to weddings here.

Acolyte Hostel
(36 Guests, 80,000 Gil)

This is the residence of the apprentice mages who will be entrusted with the future of Windurst. Offering a wonderful view of the Great Star Tree, it makes an excellent wedding location for anyone who doesn't mind the noise of the students.

(36 Guests, 80,000 Gil)

This secluded spot is high atop a cliff overlooking the Pamtam Straits. No one can disturb a ceremony here.


Temple of the Goddess
(20 Guests, 80,000 Gil)

This beautiful temple stands upon Jeuno's Artisan Bridge. Its solemn atmosphere is highly regarded by the devout worshipers who visit.

Additional Locations[]

  • Purgonorgo Isle (40 Guests, 240,000 Gil)
  • Hall of the Gods (40 Guests, 240,000 Gil)


  • The Wedding Service was discontinued November 1st, 2009 and replaced by the updated Wedding Support Service on November 18th, 2009.
  • In the original Wedding Service, the bride and groom had to have a friend act as their Chaperone who would organize the wedding on their behalf.
  • The original Wedding Service only offered engraved wedding rings, a Wedding Dress Set, a Benedight Coat Set, and fireworks as keepsake items.