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This land was once the home of the Lilties. With the iron weapons they wrought here, they once ruled the entire world. Now, this place is but a small town at the crossroads.

Diary entry, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
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Marr's Pass (マール峠, Māru-tōge?) is a small village from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles that stands at the crossroads of Ironmine Downs. Centuries before, it was the second-largest city in the Lilty Empire, forging most of the weaponry in the Lilty ranks. The iron ran out and the war machine came to a halt.

Nowadays, Marr's Pass is a sleepy little town which still boasts some of the best blacksmiths. If the player visits Marr's Pass on an odd year, s/he will find a shop next to the Lilty Blacksmith, run by a pair of Selkie peddlers selling various items. A man named Cecil, who is the elder of Marr's Pass, lives there with his granddaughter Rashe. He thinks of himself as quite the Ladies Man despite his age.

Speak to him and then speak to Leu Tipa from Leuda, after this the player will find a letter in a tree in Tida Village, show it to both of them then visit Tida the next year to see the conclusion of this story. The Moogle's Nest is found at the bottom of a flight of stairs at the west end of town.

The inn is owned by a Lilty named Hugh Midd (ヒュー=ミッド, Hyū Middo?) (a pun on "humid"), and his wife is a Lilyu named Leyra Midd (レイラ=ミッド, Reira Middo?). They have three children, Klau Midd (クラウ=ミッド, Kurau Middo?), Schol Midd (スコル=ミッド, Sukoru Middo?), and Jeyta Midd (ジータ=ミッド, Jīta Middo?). These children's names are a reference to the main characters of the PlayStation era video games, Cloud (クラウド, Kuraudo?), Squall (スコール, Sukōru?), and Zidane (ジタン, Jitan?)[1].


Selkie Peddlers[]

Item Price
Bronze 300 gil
Iron 500 gil
Mythril 5,000 gil
Bronze Shard 100 gil
Iron Shard 100 gil
Alloy 250 gil
Warrior's Weapon 300 gil
Iron Armor 100 gil
Mythril Armor 300 gil
Mythril Shield 250 gil
Iron Gloves 100 gil
Mythril Gloves 250 gil
Iron Sallet 100 gil
Mythril Sallet 250 gil
Iron Belt 100 gil
Mythril Belt 100 gil