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Marle is a minor supporting character in Final Fantasy VII Remake. She is a resident of the Sector 7 slums who uses her experience from living in the slums to assist fellow citizens. She owns an apartment block and is good friends with Tifa Lockhart whom she has taken under her wing. Marle is a no-nonsense street smart elderly woman who is an apparent close friend to Avalanche. She owns a dog.


Marle owned an apartment building at the Stargazer Heights in the Sector 7 Undercity. She helped Tifa when she arrived in Midgar and came to view her as a granddaughter.[1]

Marle introduces herself to Cloud.

During "Home Sweet Slum", Marle introduced herself to Cloud and asked if he liked his room and if he was from the plate. She told him that he could speak to her about anything, even Tifa, which prompted him to defensively question what Tifa meant to her. Marle remarked that Tifa was the "granddaughter she never had" and threatened him should any harm come to her. She then encouraged Cloud to head for Seventh Heaven.

Cloud and Tifa later delivered water filters to Marle. She was happy to see Tifa, but asked why Cloud was there. She told him to take care of Tifa and harshly criticized him for his lack of charm, wit, and skill. Marle asked if he was getting enough sleep, paid Tifa, and told her not to do anything she wouldn't.[1] Once Cloud and Tifa finished their work, they returned to the apartment and were again greeted by Marle surprised to see them back so early. Marle asked if they could swap their filters. Cloud prepared to go upstairs, but she stopped to tell him that Tifa needed a "real friend". Cloud affirmed the statement, but she asked if he truly listened to her, thought of her and her feelings, or was just "going through the motions". Shortly afterward, Marle told the two of them to take care, commented on Tifa's chipper appearance, and spoke some kind words to Cloud.[2]

Marle directing the evacuation of the Sector 7 slums during Shinra's attack.

Some time later during "Wutai's Finest" as part of The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign, Marle caught Yuffie attempting to take down a Happy Turtle poster at her apartment and suspected she was one of the people hassling the Happy Turtle. Yuffie denied this and Marle asked if Yuffie was there to peek and admire Cloud. Yuffie again denied, saying she did not know who he was, and was just asking for directions.

During "Fight for Survival", Shinra attacked the Sector 7 pillar and intended to drop the plate. Aerith, on her way to rescue Marlene, told the residents of the Sector 7 slums to evacuate. Marle was among the crowd and asked Aerith what was happening, who answered that their was "still time", and thus she deduced that the plate was going to fall. Marle calmed a pair of angry neighborhood watch members and declared that they needed to help with evacuations. Marle asked if Aerith was Avalanche, told her to tell Tifa to lay low, and that they'd take care of things.[3] Aerith rescued Betty and brought her to Marle. She attempted to warn Aerith about heading toward Seventh Heaven, but was ignored.[4]

During "A Broken World", Marle led a rescue party into the ruins of the Sector 7 Undercity. She was relieved to see Tifa had survived, encouraged her to return to Seventh Heaven, and warned her about maneuvering the ruins.[5] During "In Search of Hope", Marle stayed at Evergreen Park in Sector 6 with the other Sector 7 survivors. Cloud, Tifa, and Barret secured money from the "Angel of the Slums" intended to be used to rebuild Sector 7, and gave it to Marle. She was extremely grateful and assured the group that the money would be put to good use.[6]

After Cloud's party defeated the Whispers, Marle helped with the Sector 7 clean-up effort.[7]



Concept art.

Marle is an older woman with a slender physique, fair skin, blue eyes and long light gray hair tied in a large spiky bunch behind her head. She wears a long green sweater, a long sleeved dark dress, a slim black leather belt, black tights, and black sandals. She wears a blue and gold necklace and a pair of hoop earrings.


Marle is close with Tifa and helped her when she first settled in Midgar. She considers her the granddaughter she never had and is always looking out for her. When she meets Cloud, she criticizes his glum appearance, skills, and lack of charm and wit. She threatens him should any harm come to Tifa, tells him she needs a real friend, and also says he can "bend her ear" anytime, even if they talk about Tifa.[1][2] Marle cares deeply for the people of the slums. She helps young girls find a home in the city, assists the neighborhood watch, helps to evacuate the townsfolk when Shinra attacks the Sector 7 pillar,[3][8] and later helps to clean up the Sector 7 Undercity in the aftermath of the plate collapse.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

Marle's design is by Roberto Ferrari.

One sub scenario that was planned as part of development, but which did not make it to the final game, was Marle helping Tifa pick a dress for her Don Corneo infiltration mission, and how Tifa prepared for the mission before getting on Sam's chocobo carriage. The scenario was in the game until the latter half of development, but was cut due to time constraints.[10]