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Marle is a minor character in Final Fantasy VII Remake. She is an old woman who uses her experience of living in the slums of Midgar to assist fellow citizens.



Marle is an older woman with long light gray hair tied into a large spiky bunch behind her head. She wears a long green sweater, a long-sleeved navy dress with a belt and black sleeves, a blue and gold necklace, and black open-toe shoes.


The granddaughter I never had. And if you hurt her, I'll take it out of your hide. You hear me?

Marle to Cloud, about Tifa

Marle is a no-nonsense elderly woman with years of street smarts that make her valuable to her fellow undercity residents. She considers Tifa Lockhart her honorary granddaughter and therefore cares deeply about her.


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Tifa tells Cloud that Marle was of great help to her when she first arrived in Midgar around five years prior, and that Marle works to help other young girls find a home in the city. Marle rents out the apartment building she owns, Stargazer Heights, to Cloud and Tifa and later helps them and the other Avalanche members with various tasks around Sector 7.

During the events of the Sector 7 pillar attack, after speaking with Aerith, Marle assists the residents to evacuate before the plate collapses. She then remains at the Sector 6 park planning how to go about reconstruction, and Cloud and Tifa can help her by donating what they have collected from Don Corneo's stashes.

After the Whispers and Sephiroth are defeated, Marle helps in the Sector 7 clean-up efforts.

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