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So... you are the ones who dared to disturb the great Marilith's slumber?... I will not let you wrest my fire force away from me...Instead, you will be burnt to cinders by my flames!


Marilith is a boss from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years found on the fifth floor of the Depths of the True Moon.


Battle Edit

Marilith constantly uses Entice, leaving a party member confused, which should be healed as quick as possible. She always counters magic with Silence and sometimes strikes with Firaga. Her strongest attack is Blaze, which deals heavy fire damage to all party members.

A Black Mage equipped with the Limit Ring can deal upwards of 12000 damage to Marilith with Blizzaga, and is the best source of damage for the fight. Physical attackers should use their strongest abilities and Bands, and a White Mage should keep the party healed and cure anyone of the Confusion status.

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Etymology Edit

A marilith is fictional creature in many official Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings. A marilith is depicted as a powerful, six-armed female demon with the lower body of a snake. Mariliths in Dungeons & Dragons are based on Hindu mythology, where gods and demons frequently have multiple heads and arms.

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