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The Fiend of Fire, who uses the many limbs of her serpentine body to wield deadly weapons.


Marilith, also known as KARY (a mistranslation of Kali) or Marylis, is the Fiend of Fire from the original Final Fantasy. She appears in Mount Gulg as a woman with the lower body of a snake and has six arms, each wielding a sword.





Marilith met in Mt. Gulug.

After defeating the Fiend of Earth, Lich, the Warriors of Light travel by ship to Crescent Lake to seek out the famed Circle of Sages led by the prophet Lukahn. One of the sages gives the Warriors of Light a canoe, so they may travel on rivers to reach the volcano Mount Gulg, where Marilith had lain dormant by the Fire Crystal until Lich's demise disturbed her from slumber, two hundred years before she was due to awaken. She attacked the nearby village in anger upon learning of Lich's fate. At the bottom floor of the lava-ridden volcano, the Warriors of Light defeat Marilith and the Fire Crystal regains its glow.

To truly exterminate the Fiends in the future and prevent them from sending Garland back in time, the Warriors of Light have to kill the Four Fiends before their pact with Garland is made. In the Chaos Shrine of the distant past, the second basement level, known as the "Kary Room", is full of monsters from Mount Gulug. Before heading down the stairs to the next floor, the party must best Marilith at her prime and they defeat her once more.


First battle[]

Marilith's location.

Marilith relies on her powerful physical strikes, as she ordinarily hits 6 times per attack. She uses fire magic and other debilitating spells, casting one roughly 37.5% of the time. Her spell cycle is as follows:

FiraDark → Fira → Dark → Fira → Hold → Fira → Hold

Marilith's battle is not as difficult as Lich's, mainly because she is not stronger in comparison to the Warriors of Light's levels. Ice is the only element she does not resist, but Marilith's main weakness is to status.


It is recommended to start with NulBlaze and Protect/Invis/Invisira to be safe from her attacks. If the player got the flame equipment from a chest in the dungeon, the battle will be easier. Silence can stop her use of spells and special abilities, and Slow weakens her physical attacks. One can also Confuse her to have her waste turns or use Sleep. However, in the NES/Famicom version, Marilith will always wake on her next turn. One can buff physical attackers' strength with Temper and Haste.

Second battle[]

Marilith of the past has improved stats and loses her weakness to the status elements, as well as giving her resistance to Ice. Her spell list is upgraded to the next tier of fire, blindness and paralysis magic:

FiragaBlind → Firaga → Blind → Firaga → Stun → Firaga → Stun

The battle is harder, but the same tactics both defensive (NulBlaze, Protera, Invisira) and offensive still work to defeat her.

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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A marilith is fictional creature in many official Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings. A marilith is depicted as a powerful, six-armed female demon with the lower body of a snake. Mariliths in Dungeons & Dragons are based on Hindu mythology, where gods and demons frequently have multiple heads and arms.

"Kary" was a mistranslation of the Hindu Goddess of Destruction Kali; the name change was probably an effort to avoid potential copyright issues with Dungeons and Dragons source material, similar to the changes made to the Beholder (Evil Eye).

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