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Marilith, the Chaos of Fire


Marilith, the Chaos of Fire is an antagonist in Final Fantasy Dimensions II. She is one of the Four Chaoses sent to wreak havoc throughout the timeline.



Marilith is a multi-armed snake-like female creature that wields multiple swords. Her overall appearance is based Marilith's sprite design from the 16-bit versions of the original Final Fantasy.

As Marina, she has dark crimson red hair with a pink hair at the top. Her outfit consists of a pair of red glasses, a black tunic and pants, and a pair of crimson red shoes.


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Phantom Ship Exposed[]

Sometime before the events of the Crystal of Time storyline of the game, Marilith arrived in Ajima under the disguise of a human woman named Marina. Disguised as a human, Marilith manipulated the people of Ajima with talks of peace and soon entered herself for the presidential election for the country. During this time, she manipulated a young ninja named Maina to leak information on Westa's latest military technology and information about the Flare Weapon being developed by Dr. Black for the CID corporation, telling Maina that it was to prevent Westa from harming Ajima.

Marina ambushes Biggs and Uegi in the Agart Mines.

During the events of Chapter 4-2, Morrow and the party learn that the Day of Reckonining has not been prevented due to the Flare Weapon still being created. Once they return to their time, Marilith frames an Ajima soldier named Ueji as a traitor leaking information to Westa and sends the military to chase after him.

Marina reveals her true identity.

After Ueji meets Biggs, the two set off to Ajima to clear Ueji's name. Marilith, realizing this, sets up a trap at the Agart Mines to kill both Biggs and Ueji and sends the Phantom Ship to unleash monsters to fight the party in order to distract them. Inside the mines Marilith, appearing as Marina, surrounds Biggs and Ueji with a group of Mind Flayers and intends on killing the two. However, due to the intervention of disguised Seiryu and Suzaku, Biggs and Wedge are saved from the monsters.

Marilith is defeated by Morrow and his friends.

After Morrow and his party arrive to the depths of the Agart Mines, Marina reveals that she was tricking Maina all along with her talks of peace and used her to steal information on Westa's military weaponry for creating the Flare Weapon for Ajima to use. Abadoning her human form finally, Marilith reveals that she, Lich, and Kraken are of the Four Chaoses, creatures that were sent through time to wreak chaos through history. Marilith attacks the party, but she is defeated by Morrow and his companions.

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The party fighting Marilith.

Marilith is fought multiple times throughout the game. She is fought during the "Mastermind Revealed" quest of Chapter 4-2 and during the final portions of Chapter 6.


Promotional artwork for final evolution (Japanese release).

Marilith appears as a fire-elemental summon. She was previously obtained through the summon drawing shop. In the 2017 release of the game, her use has become exclusive to Maina.

Rank AP Required Max HP Max MP Max Attack Max Magic Max Speed Components Needed
1★ 150/150 314 17 57 20 17 -
2★ 200/200 366 20 66 23 20 Red Gem I
3★ 250/250 426 23 76 26 23 Red Gem II

Marilith allows the wielder to use the following abilities depending on the signet's rank. The following are bonus abilities granted to Maina:

Ability-type Name Effect Cost
Ability Sword Dance I Random Enemy: 6 physical attacks MP 55
Ability Sword Dance II Random Enemy: 6 physical attacks MP 55
Ability Sword Dance III Random Enemy: 6 physical attacks MP 55
Summon Chaotic Fire All Enemies: Fire attack
Continous damage
Gauge 2
Passive Critical +18 (Unlocked with Final Evolution) -



A marilith is fictional creature in many official Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings. A marilith is depicted as a powerful, six-armed female demon with the lower body of a snake. Mariliths in Dungeons & Dragons are based on Hindu mythology, where gods and demons frequently have multiple heads and arms.